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  1. What version of flightsim are you using?
  2. I believe you have to wait 24 hours for your details to propagate around the Vatsim network Why not spend the time reading the Getting started pages https://www.vatsim.net/pilots/getting-started
  3. They said that they would be making an announcement on the 27th not issuing the fix/patch. Bear in mind that at the time you posted this it was still around 3PM on the USA west coast so still the 27th.
  4. I believe they have https://www.flightsimulator.com/known-issues/
  5. You can certainly see where aircraft are parked in Flight Sim Commander
  6. According to the ICAO database these are the B74xx variants (see here) BOEING VC-25 B742 BOEING E-4 B742 BOEING BBJ (747-8) B748 BOEING 747SR B74R BOEING 747SP B74S BOEING 747-8 BBJ B748 BOEING 747-8 B748 BOEING 747-400 B744 BOEING 747-300 B743 BOEING 747-200 B742 BOEING 747-100 B741
  7. It was announced over 5 weeks ago and went live 3 weeks ago. Theres lots of threads that mention it and you should have received an email NOTAM around the end of September. Details here
  8. Have you re-calibrated your mic? Needed with this new release.
  9. Possibly because the manufacturer is CANADAIR CRJ-700 ‚ÄčType Designator = CRJ7 ?
  10. You have to find and download the scenery for FALE as the old Durban airport closed just over 8 years ago. You can search for the downloads here Once you have installed it into FSX run the FSC FSCDbManager.exe and this will add it to FSC
  11. Are historical airframes included such as Concorde, VC10 ,Viscount, Comet, B707 etc?
  12. David, your flights are recorded here https://stats.vatsim.net/search_id.php?id=1426139
  13. Perhaps people should use the correct code for the AN124 rather than change the existing system. ICAO = A124 IATA = A4F
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