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  1. I'm testing out the setup for ZSE, and am running into an issue where the magvar and true courses don't align with what I would expect. JINMO -> WHAMY, via "LA (T when getting True bearing)" is shown in vERAM as BEARING * 190 MAGNETIC BEARING * 175 TRUE but the value should be closer to BEARING * 175 TRUE BEATING * 159 MAGNETIC
  2. The FAA has not yet announced if/when they will set up an STMP for the Super Bowl.
  3. It's a real world (or real world style) US approach radar video map. It depicts markers, off-field NDBs and VORs, position splits, ILS and non-precision approaches, obstructions, possibly some minor airports without public approaches, and intersections. There is typically a second map holding just the minimum vectoring altitudes, and sometimes maps with just RNAV approaches.
  4. One-in-one-out still applies for all IFR flights to non-towered airports, and instrument procedures to towered airports where only the slow-updating ARSR provides coverage.
  5. Okay, cool ... so they won't be using it. It's strange that the FAA airport diagram doesn't show it as closed. The runway is NOTAM'd closed excluding flight check aircraft.
  6. As per the real world, we will not be using the new runway until the November 28 TPP cycle outside of certain tests. I am working on scenery for FSX, but someone with FS9 will need to do a back-port of the FSX scenery or generate their own, using my approach code (which works in both versions of the sim)
  7. Reminder to pilots: The FSX/FS9/X-plane default 16R/34L has been renamed 16C/34C. Seattle controllers will be using 16C/34C in all radio communications.
  8. The one in question is a "generous" amount; smaller ISPs have been testing limits in the neighborhood of 5-20GB/Mo.
  9. What kind of router do you have? For "Linksys' WRT54G/GL/GS, Buffalo WHR-G54S/WHR-HP-G54 and other Broadcom-based routers" there's the open source Tomato firmware, or you can get a software monitor for each computer.
  10. Real world, they have NTML to coordinate traffic. The RW OIS website, just like this one, is more oriented towards pilots wanting to see what/why there are delays into ZNY airports
  11. Are you sure the radar mode is set to Tower or Ground, and that you have the "realistic data tag mode" disabled?
  12. The EUG ACTC has an ARTS radar in the tower cab for the late night/early morning shifts where one person works all positions from DEL to APP from the cab. Once more people arrive, and the MFR sector is activated, the work is shifted down to the radar room at the base of the tower. Interesting.. I wonder how they got by the FAA directive that there are now supposed to be at least two people in the cab at all times.. BL. The other person is probably a SUP.
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