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  1. The order of the sectors are really important. ES forgets the rest if a point is found inside a sector. So starting with RJTG_CTR is not a good idea as it covers the whole area. You should start with smaller ones. Also be sure that sector names are unique. No two RJBB_TMA, please.
  2. I do not think so. At least it was not intentional. The youngest code around ALTOWNER is back to 2012, according to my source control.
  3. The domain re-registration is complete. You can access to the new site at https://www.euroscope.hu/wp/ I am still working on uploading the docomeentation pages. It might take a while.
  4. While the domain registration completes you may access to the beta download at The new beta has the annoying "Unexpected error" fixed.
  5. Finally I gave it up with my WEB hosting provider and moved the euroscope.hu domain to another place. At the moment the site is just completely empty. I would like to ask a bit more patience. I will build it up this week. I hope it will be a more stable and reliable solution.
  6. My ISP informed me that they found some very dangerous and suspicious material on euroscope.hu web site. Therefore they blocked all the content and they are running an investigation. I would like to apology because of the temporary shutdown. I hope they do their work fast enough and everything will return normal. Meantime you may download all the latest versions from my shared google drive: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1rsBunTadLEvUpljJk-Jd0jL7Mqe18GFw?usp=sharing
  7. May I post a tower view made by EuroScope simulator as "scope"?
  8. Thx Jonas, I accidentally updated the file on the server with one that for a bit different purpose. Sorry. I changed it back. To ensure that it is correct, open it in notepad, be sure that it starts with the license code without "LICENSE:" before. The correct way the replace is: Start the FSD server with the wrong license. [list=]Quit. And start again. It will prompt for the file. [list=]Select the downloaded file and go. I hope it works for everyone.
  9. Finally ISP restored my site - from a some weeks earlier backup. Links are working again.
  10. As long as I am fighting with my ISP, please use WEB archive. The content is not modified recently. https://web.archive.org/
  11. Default center is coming from the SCT file. And observers should be visible for other controllers if not filtered out.
  12. I was able to repeat the problem with the latest AIRAC files, and I found that the problem was because Austria had cancelled the airways and they are no more in the AIRWAY.txt file. It did not make any harm as long as the names are completely missing (SOVIL SITNI BAGSI MATIG), but NEMAL and STEIN is still a valid fix name in a valid airway (in deed far far away). ES had the logic to select the closest point if multiple found, but as soon as the close points are not there anymore the closests are the far away ones. I modified the logic: First ES selects the point name always from the SCT/IS
  13. Using the scenario file I fixed this issue. It will be available in the next beta. During testing I also noticed and fixed two other items: - Time print during simulation was frosen to 00:00 - Some places the last simulated plane was detected as crashed accidentally.
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