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  1. Every TAG type needs one and exactly one primary item. That is used to draw the leader line from the radar target. So just click one. But be sure to click one in every family and every type. Without that you will not be able to save it.
  2. I think that if you do not see another controller in the controller list that is because ES does not receive information about him. And that depends on the servers not on the client. May be different range center positions work differently on the server. That is why sometimes you see sometimes not. If you do not see him in the controller list do not expect anything about sector updates and sectorline highlight.
  3. Miguel, Some of them are segistered in the TODO list. I will extend that list with yours and check the possibilities. The one with space more or less surely will not be implemented and the space is a separator in the route itself.
  4. Hi, I found myself as the moderator of this forum. I guess it is set by a mistake only
  5. EuroScope does not use .NET at all. It is a pure old MFC application. Actually the MSI installer might need .NET framework.
  6. Next time you see something similar, please use the position prediction tool to understand what is going on. Press the current altitude TAG item with left button twice (not doubleclick!). Then all predicted points with calculated controller and profile altitude is displayed along the route. I guess you will see why and how ES decides the next controller. The flickering behavior is common when there is a small niche between sectors and accidentally ES uses a prediction point that is not inside any sector.
  7. That sign is the indication that ES started the connection to the server, but it is not completed. As you are able to connect to other servers I guess that you can not really reach that server.
  8. Brendan, Actually that feature has been already implemented in the beta. You can drag and drop that TAG item itself. There is no function that draws the rubber line for you. When you are dragging anything and you need to refresh the screen then call the CRadarScreen :: RequestRefresh function. That invalidates the screen and calls back with the CRadarScreen :: OnRefresh. There you have a HDC object to draw the line by yourself. Then do it again when the mouse is moved to another place. Gergely.
  9. Thank you for the reply. I update the code as this, but the issue is still there....... This version works for me fine.
  10. Hi, I have added the $sid and $star functions to the WIKI. I also modified the description of $arrrwy and $deprwy. They both work without airport parameter and then returns the [Mod - Happy Thoughts]igned RWY of the ASEL AC.
  11. Not really. Only the ASR file keeps your last zoom when exiting.
  12. Be sure to use different files for the "Screen layout". Then they will not overwrite each other.
  13. At the moment there is no setting for that. The startup zoom is stored in the ASR file. Probably you can play a bit with that.
  14. That should not be a case. I know plug-ins made with Express edition of VS that does not have MFC support at all.
  15. I guess that it might be cached somewhere in IE cache. Try deleting temporary internet files and download it again from ES.
  16. What about two profiles and select one at startup time?
  17. I am not sure if I understood the request right. But be sure that you can create plug-ins without MFC.
  18. When you have a frozen ES, then download http://www.net-flyer.net/DataFeed/vatsim-data.txt and send it to me, please.
  19. The actual content of the http://www.net-flyer.net/DataFeed/vatsim-data.txt or any other Vatsim data feed you are downloading.
  20. I had the same situation even with the latest beta last Friday. I found out the that cause of this is an unexpected loop in the AIRAC file. This happens when ES tries to connect two points along an airway and is unable to leave the loop. As ES is collection endless number of points the memory usage is up and up. If someone happens to find it again, please download the position data ES is downloading from ServInfo data and mail it to me. I can then examine all the FPs there and tell you what to change in the AIRAC file to avoid.
  21. The "Invalid line name in sector ..." does not reference to your SCT file. It comes from an ESE loading. When you are defining the border of SAULTHIGH sector you are referencing to CZYZ_CZEG sectorline. But the definition of that line is missing. Be sure to define the borderline prior the sector.
  22. In COPX and FIR_COPX you can define only one altitude. That is used for profile calculation as a default coordinated altitude for transfer. There is no way to define minimum and maximum levels at a given point.
  23. For me it seems to be some kind of local caching problem. What happens when you type the provider URL to a browser? Do you see the new link there?
  24. 1 - In case you do not have point/rwy before and after the point itself (*:*:PADAS:*:*) then you do not have to repeat it. 2 - It is really up to you. FIR_COPX is an ordenary COPX point but displayed in another TAG item. There is no more functions that makes them different. 3 - If you do not have any additional constraint (climb, descend to the TMA_1 airport) and FIR_1 always owner of TMA_1 if no APP controller is online, then it is not necessary.
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