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  1. I use two individual profile for my two screens. Then everything can be separated if you want.
  2. A plug-in called for drawing only after the static map display. In this way it can not draw anything "under" it.
  3. Can you just write down what did you do and what did you see at the Message area?
  4. The links and the files are OK. I can download them manually. Does manual download work for you as well?
  5. It is also a good idea to keep the sectorlines generalized as far as possible. The lines from the SCT/SCT2 files are drawn on the screen and that is all. On the other hand sectorlines are used to create sectors and all sectors are tested against all predicted points of all airplanes available. So that is a huge amount of computing. Making the sectors more simple you need less CPU to calculate position predictions. So make them as simple as possible
  6. Actually EuroScope does not use any kind of .NET for running. Only the installer requires it.
  7. I just would like to confirm that the distance measuring tool in ES is far too simply at the moment and uses a really general projection that can show false values when you are close to the poles. That is my job to make a better one. On the other hand I also confirm that it has no effect on visibility and radio ranges as all these are coded in the servers.
  8. Yes sure, it is possible. Create your own TAG family and add select the click functions for the ground TAG items.
  9. ES has only a very light weight FSD server inside and not really planned for this.
  10. ES just sends the visibility centers to the servers and it is the role of the servers to send back the controllers in range. I hope I send the right piece of information to the servers, but I can not ask them to send me back more information.
  11. Rodrigo, Thx for this update. The mouse wheel issue sounds quite interesting. None of the popup windows are real Windows' windows just some graphs painted by ES code. And therefore the propagation of the wheel action is completely ES internal code. Probably the problem is that both the main dialog box and the radar area handles the original message on their own. And while Windows sends it to the dialog, but wine sends it to the radar area. I can disable the second one for a test. Contact me on support(at)euroscope.hu.
  12. Plug-in DLLs need some additional DLLs to be loaded. They are the same as required for EuroScope.exe itself. The would be to place the plug-in DLLs to the same folder where the EXE is. Then you can be sure that all DLLs are available for loading.
  13. No, it is not the situation you need GUEST. For your case just define ENZZ_D_APP sector to be active in the arrival path (sectors may be active only in case of some RWY configuration). GUEST is use in a very simple way. When ES determine the controller of a position then checks the sectors. When it finds the first matching sector then checks if the current owner is a GUEST of that sector and if so then uses the current owner instead of the sector owner. That is the only logic behind this feature. It is implemented only to handle some for very special, not really standard situations.
  14. Negative. We are not allowed to increase the traffic load of the servers. That is why there is no API for the plug-in developers that can be used for this kind of communication.
  15. We got some versions like this, but it was not really usable. If I move the position the mouse is over to the center and zoom, then the mouse will be in another position immediately. So if you zoom twice the center will be something that is really hard to estimate and you will be lost.
  16. Yes, I understood. Pressing 'F' then '1' then '0' has the same effect as pressing 'F1' then '0'.
  17. The first one works as planned for me. The position that is under the cursor remains in the same position on the screen while zooming in and out. The second one is true. I will change.
  18. There are shortcuts in ES to load and close ASR files. They are connected to an F1+number sequence. The implementation works in a way that pressing F1 copies the 'F1' string to the command line. Then pressing any number while there is 'F1' in the command line executes the command. The side effect is that I do not check how the 'F1' string was put to the command line.
  19. The voice library is not specific to ES. It is a VATSIM library and used in many clients. I looked after volume settings and found only one function to change the output volume. It is not available from the user interface of ES.
  20. Unfortunately there is no way for plug-in to plug-in communication. Se even it is possible to save the landing clearence there is no way to publish it to the other controller.
  21. Magnus, Unfortunately that is not possible. You can share the playback data to clients connected via proxy, but that is for the display only. Voice will not be transfered. But if you can share the voice using Teamspeak ...
  22. At the moment a plug-in can do this kind of TAG item.
  23. Unfortunately the projection conversion in ES is far too simple. I calculate the size of one minute latitude and longitude at the center of your sectorfile and use a simple linear transformation based on that data. Changing the .dcenter really helps for that specific area but could make others worse.
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