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  1. Thx for the complete docomeent. Just one minor note: Starting the proxy has no effect on tower view at all. So it is OK to start, but it should work without it.
  2. The PAR plug-in is part of the standard installer as source code.
  3. ACCONFIG has more data than FP. That way it is not possible use the FP for that LOG is a textfile, so you may edit and insert ACCONFIG lines for all planes based on another LOG that is complete.
  4. METAR definition is already part of the simulator as it is sent to FSX or P3D for weather display. I also updated the simulator to handle the wind part of the METAR when moving the planes. They are not yet part of the public version, but I will add them to the next one. The propagation of the METAR is then just a small thing.
  5. Can you send me your voice pack and an example ATIS that crashes.
  6. Unfortunately the Vatsim Voice Library does not support the information necessary for the second one.
  7. Saved at: http://www.euroscope.hu/mantis/view.php?id=609
  8. Ground network (and many other things like sectorization, COPX data, etc.) is used from the actice SCT file only. Not active SCT files are purely for display.
  9. Can you confirm that you had started logging in ES before connection to the servers? If not so ES LOGs only the data arrived after starting it. In that case it may happen that there is no aircraft info at all for many planes in the LOG. And because of that ES can not answer vPilot aircraft infor requests.
  10. Sorry for not updating the license file on time. You can use it now.
  11. I already have helicopters in ES simulator. It is just not yet published as beta.
  12. It is fixed in R12, but as long as the version with the bug still usable you still may receive unwanted continue requests.
  13. Karl, You should forward the 6809 in your router to your machine. Then the other controller can use you WAN IP address to connect. But also note that ES FSD server limits the possible connections more heavily than SweatBox.
  14. It seems that the visibility center is not set correctly when connecting to SweatBox. The local FSD server has no distance filter, so it does not cause anything there. While I fix it, use the .vis command and click to the desired visibility center. The simulated planes are already there.
  15. This message comes from the TeamSpeak based VCCS interface. Mostly if you do not have the soundbackends files. But VATSIM voice may still work.
  16. No. The proxy connection is used by ES-ES only. vPilot uses the FSD server that is automatically started when ES connects to the server or when you start playing back a saved session. This way you can use vPilot tower view when playing old sessions.
  17. The plane should be detected as S mode capable. The suffixes can be defined in the settings as well. The zone is not detected, it works for all planes.
  18. Just delete ENBR from the end. The destination airport is added to the end automatically when needed.
  19. Do not expect FlightPlan and RadarTarget be valid at the same time. If they are not correlated then OnGetTagItem may p[Mod - Happy Thoughts] only one of them.
  20. Someone just sent me his ESE file with the same kind of problem: No position was identified. I figured out the he saved his ESE file with encoding: UTF-8 with BOM. That adds some 4 special character to the beginning of the file. As ES opens the ESE file as plain ANSI file it does not recognize the [POSITION] entry, and the whole section is ignored. So try saving as ANSI or add an empty first line that can be discarded.
  21. It should work for observer as well. IsValid checks if the internal structure is correct and not if the FP itself is valid.
  22. The new beta supports S/Squawk 1000: The code (1000) can be set in the settings dialog - leave empty to disable the functions below No DUPE for A1000 RT with A1000 always correlates to FP Using auto [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ign squawk to S-mode plane [Mod - Happy Thoughts]igns A1000
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