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  1. Hi, Hungary is ready for sure . I also have created EuroControl East files. I know from letters that there are others also under construction. What I can offer is to add a page to EuroScope site that contains references to all available SCT and ESE files. So that I ask every VACC to send me a link where their files can be downloaded from. I will put all these links into a central location.
  2. Hi all, First I found that there is no way to use the ; character to start a comment in the ESE file. I recorded it as a bug. But if you simply delete them then it will work (of course only after you define the 2N_FB sectorline). DISPLAY:7E:7E:2N:2A:3L:EW - this line has no real meaning. Please read again the definition. DISPLAY should have exactly three sectors. The first will be tested if you are controlling or not. The last two will be tested if have different owner or not. If you are controlling the first sector and the second and third sector have owner and they are different then
  3. Lluís, I am not sure if I understood right why you would not build the sectors from sectorlines. It has no real meaning to define sectorlines without using them. If there are no sectors the sectorlines will not be displayed anywhere. Just for visualization you have to prepare the original SCT file. There is no real limit for the sector or sectorline name (actually I can not read lines longer than 1024 chars but that is not a real limit I think).
  4. Lluis, Unfortunately I have to say no. There is no way to combine the circle and the coordinate option in one sectorline. In this way none of your tips will work. If you use CIRCLE_SECTORLINE all the coordinates are defined, no more is needed. Using the COORD you have to build your circle or semicircle part by defining points. Bu I will put to the whish list this item too.
  5. Martin, You have nearly copied the whole sector definition. The following three lines completely defines the sector: SECTOR:APPE:1000:19500 OWNER:AP:BU:BE BORDER:APP_SEP:APPE The SECTOR defines the name and the vertical extent. The OWNER is described in this thread deeply. The BORDER defines the horizontal extent. It means that using the coordinates of SECTORLINE APP_SEL and APPE a polygon is defined. That polygon defines the area of the sector. And that is all. The sector has to have a vertical and a horizontal extent, plus the ownership rules.
  6. Lluis, That is available. You can switch on/off the symbol, the name and the frequency. Individually for all VOR, NDB or FIX. In the display settings dialog you can open the subtree below this elements. The trick is docomeented in the http://euroscope.hu/wiki/index.php?page=Display_Settings. "Using this hierarchy tree it is quite easy to switch items on/off in groups. Clicking on the VOR check box all the items below this one follow its state and will be switched on or off accordingly. That is quite straightforward. On the other hand sometimes there is a need to change the settings on
  7. Hi all, It seems that .ff, .fv and .fn functions are really required. W will add them to the next release. To display the SIDs' and STARs' names I suggest you to use the FREETEXT feature. Arcs. Originally I started to display only items from the SCT file. There were no arcs so I did not programmed them. I put it to the wish list.
  8. Bernhard, The ; is surely not a required part of the definition. It is the start of the comments in the line. So the EuroScope does not interpret anything after the ; nor the ; itself. There should be something different reason for your case. I will take another look to your sectorfile.
  9. Seamus, The ESE file is really a complex structure but inside the sector ownership is very simple. The example below is taken from the included Hungarian ESE: SECTOR:APPE:1000:19500 OWNER:AP:BU:BE This is the beginning of the Budapest Approach East sector. Every sector definition should have exactly one line that describes who will control the sector. The ownership is just precedence list of positions. So for that line you should have three entries in the POSITION section: Budapest Approach:-:129.700:AP:A:LHBP:APP:LHBP:APP:2601:2677 Budapest Control:Budapest Radar:133.200:BU:
  10. Opher, Please send me the sectorfiles (SCT and ESE) to [email protected] and I will take a look. Also a short description how and what did you do so I can repeat it.
  11. Sami, Thanks for this tool. It is looking very good.
  12. Darrell, This behavior is described in the http://euroscope.hu/wiki/index.php?page=Quick_Start at the How To Use Existing Sector And Position Files section. Yes, this is a light modification to the original sectorfile. But we need this information to connect the runways to the airports. We have tested and this change does not effect nor ASRC nor VRC. Gergely EuroScope developer
  13. Sami, I agree with you. I will create a new chapter in the WIKI docomeentation very soon where I describe how Budapest Approach sectors were defined and described in the ESE file. Gergely. EuroScope developer
  14. Roman, There should be an [AIRPORT] section in the sectorfile. There each airport has a line like this: LHBP 118.100 N047.26.21.580 E019.15.42.510 C ; Budapest Ferihegy Gergely. EuroScope developer
  15. Earl, Just renaming the POF to ESE is not enough. Please read the http://euroscope.hu/wiki/index.php?page=Quick_Start what you should do with it. I think that after loading the Hungary sectorfile you also created a new ASR file that describes what to display from the sectrofile. You saved it and after loading your own sectorfile still this ASR is active. And it drives EuroScope to display the VORs etc. that were visible when Hungarian sectorfile was opened. This is why you see only the items in Hungary even after opening another sectorfile. I suggest you to create a new ASR file after
  16. Stephan, I am just wondering that if the numpad * does not work that somehow in your machine the default value for the FREQ key is different. Can you go to the general settings dialog and explicitly set the FREQ and the ASEL buttons? Gergely. EuroScope developer
  17. Anupam, Be sure to open the Other Settings/Display Settings dialog. There you can switch on/off items individually. As default (depends on how you defined your taxiways) they are not switched on. Gergely. EuroScope developer
  18. Stephan, It sounds very strange and surely not a feature. ES changes to the frequency chat TAB only if you click on the frequency or you press the FREQ key (default is numpad *) and no other times. If a new frequency message comes you should see that the color of the TAB handler is changed and probably you see the message itself on the top of the screen (if the display of the incoming frequency messages are allowed). I will take a look after it. And would be nice if others can also confirm this. Gergely. EuroScope developer
  19. Zario, And also read the new addition to the Quick Start page (http://euroscope.hu/wiki/index.php?page=Quick_Start). Gergely EuroScope developer
  20. Earl, That is true. And to build an ESE file is not an easy task at all. It is not expected that individuals can do it for themselves (same as sector files). We suggest that the appropriate staff members who are maintaining the sector files should build the extension files. We are ready to support them building the ESE files via the [email protected] email. Gergely EuroScope developer
  21. Hi all, In the previous WEB site we had a quick guide how to use your original SCT and POF files without the hard work of a complete ESE file creation needs. But seems it is missing from the current version. Therefore I extended now the WIKI Quick Start (http://euroscope.hu/wiki/index.php?page=Quick_Start) page with it. Look for the "How To Use Existing Sector And Position Files" section. Gergely EuroScope developer
  22. Hi Alex, Yes, you can do. Check the Symbology Settings dialog (http://www.euroscope.hu/wiki/index.php?page=Symbology_Settings). Gergely.
  23. Hi Frank, I am really sorry to say but I think there will be no Mac version. At least not in a near future. EuroScope and the mapping engine below is heavily built on top of MFC (Microsoft Foundation Cl[Mod - Happy Thoughts]es) library. In this way it is far too much work to move it out from the code and build a multi platform application. Really sorry. Gergely Csernak EuroScope developer
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