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  1. Was your position successfully identified? Did you see your sectors allocated?
  2. I am ready. I had some successful sessions with vPilot beta. I will publish the next beta soon.
  3. The code for IsValid looks like this: inline bool IsValid ( void ) const { return m_FpPosition != NULL ; } ; So it can return false only if you did not get a FP from the system.
  4. If you need 3.1d then save the files before upgrading. At least the folder with EXE and DLLs.
  5. I just finished the coding today. But it needs some testing with Ross, as no plane is visible at all.
  6. For SweatBox you should be S3, but not for the local FSD server. It does not check your rating at all.
  7. The [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ume item appears only while the handoff is not yet accepted.
  8. To be honest I do not see any change in the code between the two releases. When ES extracts the points from the route string it ignores all special characters including '.'.
  9. You can use the "Estimate" TAG item for displaying. You can only edit it in the FP dialog only.
  10. Just small steps ... I have already changed all the internal code to work on the ellipsoid and not on the projected coordinates. At least the heading and distance calculations are far better now. The lines are still straight lines, but it is clearly visible that the heading vectors are a bit off even at our latitude on longer lines.
  11. FSINN should work with ES tower view.
  12. Well it is not the real solution but some tricks: Let the trainee connect first then connect the simulated controllers. ES [Mod - Happy Thoughts]igns the sectors to controllers in the order thy connected. That way the trainee will own the appropriate sector. You may use [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ume as A_CTR. That clears the pending handoff.
  13. OK guys it is my turn to enable the controller connection on ES tower view feature. I am working on it, but there are some other things before I can make a new release public. But to make it clean: ES proxy and ES tower view is completely different. ES proxy is use to communicate between to ES clients on port 6810. It uses special packets and only for internal use, not published to external programs. It is a two way communication as you can control on the proxy client as well. On the other hand when you connect to the server ES start listening 6809 as well to offer the incoming data for pil
  14. The holding list has the following commands: .hl show - to open up the list .hl hide - to close it down -hl add [] or ASEL - ta add a plane to the lsit .hl del [] or ASEL - to remove a plane from the list .hl wait [] or ASEL - start a counter down for the plane You may enter "HOLD" to the scratch pad text. Then the plane will be added to the list.
  15. I have seen this on my computer as well. But rarely enough not to be able to debug. I am still looking for a reproducible situation. For safety reason I included the Exit command to the left most menu.
  16. The simulator sets IAS from the performance data for planes above airport altitude + 1000 ft. All other planes reset to 0 KTS. What do you have in your AIRPORT_ALT line?
  17. OK. So the problem was that ES searched for the closest point but only among the first of a kind. It did not handle the same type same name elements. I changed it. It will be available in the next release (beta).
  18. I have downloaded your SCT/ESE. Started a simulator session with these data. So far with no lack. The profile was just good. If you have the saved session LOG I would be happy to take a look.
  19. Selecting a direct to item from the drop down list by right mouse click does the same. It enters the direct without coordination.
  20. Hi, Changing the font is not published via the API. So you have two chances: - Replace the TTF file itself (but be sure to edit the special characters ES needs) - Do all TAG drawing in the plug-in (I guess it is not an easy task)
  21. I guess that "Unsupported Method" means that the new beta has some new compressing method that can not be extracted with the public release.
  22. Prior r6 it did not work on win10, now it does not work on win7. It seems that I should work differently on different platforms.
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