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  1. It happens only when you connect via proxy to a running session. Be sure to connect to the proxy server first and only after that connect the main client to the server. Otherwise the proxy client misses the data that it is a session when connected as controller and not as observer. Observer has no right to change anything.
  2. Do you experience the same with 2nd screen, when you are connected via the proxy but on the same machine?
  3. The METAR command is not intend to replace the METAR data sent by the servers. At the moment it is used just to change the visible weather in simulated tower view. Do not expect more from it.
  4. The rotation itself is already part of the code because of true and magnetic north handling. A bit more turning I guess should be possible. I register it, but please do not expect immediate result. http://www.euroscope.hu/mantis/view.php?id=578
  5. What happens if the selected next point jut cuts a bit, so the new FP goes in a way that does not cross SECTOR2 at all?
  6. And, please, send me an example: SCT+LOG file, where it is reproducible, as so far I did not have a chance to test it. Also, please, use the route prediction tool to see if the plane will enter to the specified sector or not.
  7. Just to make public what I wrote to Bedrich: I just save the ID of the button sent by the WM_KEYDOWN or WM_SYSKEYDOWN message. I mask it with 0x1ff0000 and that is all: // if keydown or syskeydown if ( pMsg -> message == WM_KEYDOWN || pMsg -> message == WM_SYSKEYDOWN ) { // get the key key = pMsg -> lParam & 0x1ff0000 ; GetKeyNameText ( key, s_key_name, 128 ) ; ... } I check it by this call: if ( GetAsyncKeyState ( m_PrimaryPTTKey ))
  8. ES executes the following command on the downloaded file (the folders and file names are related to my structure): "c:\Program Files (x86)\EuroScope\7za.exe" x -y -o"e:\EuroScopeFiles\Sectorfiles\Spain" "e:\EuroScopeFiles\Sectorfiles\Spain\LECB_1511.7z" Running it on a command prompt I receive the following messages: Processing archive: e:\EuroScopeFiles\Sectorfiles\Spain\LECB_1511.7z Extracting LECB Updates 1511.txt Unsupported Method Extracting LECB_1511.ese Unsupported Method Extracting LECB_1511.sct Unsupported Method Extracting LECB_2015_10_15.xlsx Unsu
  9. No, there is no way to make it bigger.
  10. Sorry guys. It was an error on my provider side. I reported the as soon as I realized, but it took them some days to fix it. I hope it will not happen again (or at least not too often ).
  11. I am sorry to say, but ES improperly handles the routes that crosses the international date line.
  12. Rob, You are free the change the ATIS maker. Just change the URL. You can write your own maker that completely fits your needs, or customize one (like UniAtis) if possible.
  13. Well, it seems that I wrongly remembered that you can define COPX points four yourself along the star. But that is not the way. It seems that the only thing you may do now is to define a coordination altitude as well before the point. That will change the profile calculation.
  14. Yes, we can give them a chance: http://www.euroscope.hu/mantis/view.php?id=576
  15. To be honest the ground status is just a hack on the network. It is propagated as the free text. Servers have nothing to do with it. I can add new states for a new release, but unfortunately old clients will not recognize them. http://www.euroscope.hu/mantis/view.php?id=575
  16. Jonas, The DSQ (Departure sequence) is the feature for sorting planes in the most probably departure order. It not just uses the state but also an internal time stamp when the state was [Mod - Happy Thoughts]igned. So the newly [Mod - Happy Thoughts]igned one goes to the end of the list among the same state planes. Nevertheless the multiple column ordering can be useful in other places as well: http://www.euroscope.hu/mantis/view.php?id=574
  17. TowerViewConnectorPlugin.dll is not really complete. It is lacking a good model matching code. So you can not find it in the installation. When you are connected to the SweatBox you still should be able to use FSInn and connect to the local ES.
  18. Sorry about the real and possible bugs Be sure that next controller selection is three dimensional so the calculated profile is at least as important as the route itself. What is changed between 3.1d and 3.2 is that in case of direct the profile is not a straight line anymore, but a highest possible profile. Because of that the expected altitude is higher than it was before. That may cause situations like this. Please note Jonas' second question. Use the "Toggle route prediction points draw" function. That will show the estimated altitude as well as the selected sector. You will see w
  19. I like this idea. I registered it: http://www.euroscope.hu/mantis/view.php?id=573
  20. Hi, icao24.txt is a simple TAB delmitidet file. The first value is the ID from SBS while the second is the registration. One note on editing: The program expects the file to be sorted on the SBS ID. Id does not sort but tries a search that uses the ordering. The same is true for the aircrafts.txt file as well. I use only the second column for the plane type. The rest is just ignored.
  21. Just disable to "[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ume aircraft on the ground STBY" setting. Then you will get what the pilot really does. For the arrival list you should have a sector [Mod - Happy Thoughts]igned to you that the planes will cross, or activate the airport for arrivals.
  22. The proxy server of your environment and the proxy server of ES are completely different things. Do not mix them. The ES proxy server is built just to be able to run multiple ES instances in the local network (most probably on the same machine) that share a single connection to VATSIM servers as allowed by the rules.
  23. I like the idea. As soon as there is a more or less standard way to code this information to the remarks, I ma ready to extract.
  24. I save the requests, but to be honest the list is quite long so far . Can't you use the aliases fro the first two at least?
  25. Correlation works on C mode aircraft only. Stand-by ones are not correlated at all. Even the pilot itself set C mode, you still able to ignore it. As I see from the settings page: You checked "[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ume aircraft on the ground STBY" and ground filter is set to 5000 ft and 50 kts. So all planes below 5000 and 50 kts are treated as on the ground and its mode is set to STBY by ES (not by the client) and no correlation in that case.
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