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  1. I think that it should work with F4 as well. So I register it to be fixed.
  2. You set "Do not correlate duplicated". In that case even all codes are correct, and the targets are close enough they will not be correlated if anyone is using the same squawk value anywhere,
  3. There is no function or code written in ES to do so. You only can use Windows settings.
  4. How do you hand off? It works when you hand off by menu. But not wired to F4 (.QX) command.
  5. Michael, When ES loads the route of the simulated AC, then it iterates all possible sources of the names (VOR, NDB, FIX, Airport from sectorfile, plus ISECT from airac data). And it looks for the closest to the actual point. If you see differently then send me an example to see why it there is a bug in the code or not.
  6. Jonas, Since 3.2 the automatic message has been replaced by an alias, to enable controllers to override it. Check the autotext messages: http://www.euroscope.hu/mediawiki/index.php?title=Editing_And_Function_Keys#Autotext_messages
  7. So far not: http://www.euroscope.hu/mantis/view.php?id=547
  8. So far you can edit the performance data of any kind of AC in the scenario file. Otherwise I will change the performance data structure to have an independent approach speed that is not calculated from other speed values.
  9. Format "98.0000000, -110.000000" is good for ES in every place.
  10. Kent, All ES clients are running individually. The are not communicating to each other to decide who is responsible for a sector and who is not. That way there is a way for such mistakes when both clients think that an airspace belongs to them. ES identifies positions by callsign prefix, postfix and frequency. So if you hace CHI prefix, APP postfix then all CHI_APP, CHI_1A_APP, CHI_2A_APP will be [Mod - Happy Thoughts]igned to that position.
  11. When you are using SweatBox be sure to let "Connect to VATSIM" check-box checked. SweatBox is a VATSIM server.
  12. Simone, For that purpose you can use SweatBox. The FSD server is just the one extracted from the previous version of ES, and it has the very same limitation.
  13. It sounds some to be a magnetic/true north problem. In 3.2 the RWY angle is compiled as true north. So just adjust them.
  14. Christoph, I have a new beta release that hopefully fixes this problem. But I do not have a chance to test it. Can test it if I send you a link to a beta?
  15. Pavel, I do not want to make promises that I finally fail. At the moment the development is quite slow and there is no target deadline for a new release.
  16. Pavel, The Mantis is closed for registration. Consider it as readonly, only for reporting my progress.
  17. I have similar reports. It seems to be a numerical value rounding problem. Try to set the decimal symbol to '.'.
  18. Jonas, If you have a LOG about this "feature" I can take a look inside.
  19. You can only use the Windows controls, nothing inside ES.
  20. The root list of providers are updated by me. Send an email to support(at)euroscope.hu with the details.
  21. There are some crash reports on DLL loading problem, but they are not related to the second instance. Still I suggest you trying to load the second instance with a fixed profile. The only resource that both instance tries to allocate at startup is the voice communication port. Probably disable auto proxy connection to endure the instances are not trying to communicate at once after startup.
  22. It seems to be a route extraction problem. Check the detailed points extracted from the route in the flight plan dialog. Also please post the FP if you still have it.
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