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  1. Use the command line option is the easiest way: http://www.euroscope.hu/mediawiki/index.php?title=Starting_EuroScope
  2. As you can see from Mantis, it is not yet fixed ... so it is quite early to say when the fix goes public. Sorry for that.
  3. As you found out: ES looks for the first available SQ in the range. If you treat simulated traffic as well you may really run out of them.
  4. So it was not the right button, but pressing the the icon with left twice (not doubleclick). But actually that does not work correctly in the latest beta. I will fix it.
  5. The $FP lines are incorrect: http://www.euroscope.hu/mediawiki/index.php?title=Scenario_File#Flight_Plans It should look like: @N:AJM421:6322:1:40.0508800:-74.7126110:8000:0:696:0 $FPAJM421:*A:I:B752:420:KDTW:0000:0000:0:KLGA:00:00:0:0:KJFK:/v/:KORRY KORRY3
  6. Check the WIKI: http://www.euroscope.hu/mediawiki/index.php?title=Scenario_File#Additional_data Set the extent of the AC to 0 to disable crash detection.
  7. EuroScope supports only Flight Plan lists. You can add existing flight plans to these list and display TAG items. So you can not create flight plans, and you can not add non existing items to these lists. If you need any independent list on the screen, the unfortunately you have to draw them on your own code.
  8. Use .distance2 command. Right click on distance tool icon.
  9. I have no experience with std::thread as I always use the MFC version. But be sure that EuroScope plug-in functions are not thread safe at all. So it would be a much wiser to propagate the squawk to the main thread and [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ign it to the plane there. Even it works fine at the moment.
  10. Normally it should select the first point and direct to that. I will check the turning simulation.
  11. Actually ES interprets the data on the fly and does not save them for a later analysis. That requires more effort then changing the SCT file content.
  12. I do not have too much idea about it. What if you start with a completely empty profile?
  13. When you select an AC from the voice list it is identified by the callsign only. That case ES looks for the flight plan based on callsign and shows the distance to the flight plan track. If correlated, then to the actual position, if uncorrelated then to the last calculated position.
  14. I see. Then it is back to Eric's post that the "Rolling takeoff feature" will be available.
  15. Brent, There has been an improvement on downloading files since 3.2. So the caching issue should not happen there. How do you setup your download of the sectorfile in ES?
  16. And also note that when you press the line up the ES tries to line up the AC to the closest RWY on its own logic. But nothing stops you creating the lineup path as taxyway. That way you can control the path and the speed as well. When you start another tax while taxiing (including the lineup path) the plane would not slow down. Then just press the takeoff button instead of lineup.
  17. Jack, The change of the list to single select only seems to be a bug, not intentional. I will change it back. So far I can suggest using the delay to add the planes to the simulator in a later time.
  18. I will check the arrival lists on easy correlation mode.
  19. It seems that the unread message itself has no symbology settings on its own. It uses the "name unread" symbology. At the moment you should change the size of that too.
  20. The condition to put a plane to the arrival list is the following: - The destination airport should be selected in the active RWY dialog as arrival. - The plane should be closer to the destination than 10 NM - It should not be a flight plan track without radar target - The flight plan state should be simulated or terminated Do you think that all the conditions are OK in your example?
  21. Hi, At the moment the predefined taxi routes can be used only when you issue a taxi instruction to a simulated plane in a simulation session. In the upcoming fix patch you will be able to show them on the screen as well.
  22. Even, 1 - There seems to be no SetClearenceFlag. 2 - Also no function for that.
  23. While we are testing for a final solution I found that this crash happens only in case the profile selection dialog is opened at startup. If you check the auto load profile and the file selection is not opened that time then all the rest work fine. At least it was tested in one machine. The suggestion is: - Use auto load profile. - If you would like to change your profile: - Uncheck it. - Select the new profile at startup. - Check it again and quit. - Start with the new profile, but automatically.
  24. I guess I see now. Multiple simulator session on SweatBox mixes some commands.
  25. I tried to collect the most common problems and possible solutions you found in v3.2. Check them at http://www.euroscope.hu/mediawiki/index.php?title=FAQ#FAQ_for_3.2. Additionally you may check the states of the registered bugs at http://www.euroscope.hu/mantis/my_view_page.php - You may log in anonymously.
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