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  1. There was one similar report so far. I will check it.
  2. I agree. The rings are in wrong place. But they are so different from other things in the ASR so not sure if they will be in the ARS.
  3. Looking at the code I have a bad feeling that there is no such
  4. I found a bug in the exit direction selection. That will be fixed. I will also change the order in TAG to start with the [Mod - Happy Thoughts]igned RWY.
  5. The landing speed is just calculated as 2/3 rd of the performance descend speed. The default performance for A319 looks like this: PERFLINE:030:200:220:170:0:0:0:2500:1200 From this 170*2/3=113. Shall we increase?
  6. As Eric suggested a new TAG item is already implemented.
  7. Just one not on EXIT usage in the simulator. When the plane lands, there is a random number running from 2-7 seconds before the plane starts decelerating. At that time it looks for the first of the exits that is far enough to be able to slow down to the speed specified for the EXIT. That way it may be different from time to time. But if you have some scenario where it does not work as should I also would like to test.
  8. I change the detection from "less ro equal" to "less". That way the 0 size extent will not crash planes even on the very same position.
  9. This may be because the runways are not sent to all pseudopilots. In the actual scenario file txt check that everything is prefixed with PSEUDOPILOT:ALL. PSEUDOPILOT is a bit of a misnomer now. It is actually the computer which runs the simulation but not necessarily the one which controls them. You can either leave it like this and take control manually of each plane on each pseudopilot console. or you can set INITIALPILOT: to the controller you want to have control automatically (which you can then transfer). That is not really necessary. The scenario runner sends all the necessary data
  10. I was trying to reproduce this issue, but it was not a complete success. The only thing I found was that the internal logic of speed type setting did not work correctly and always set it to "less than". But it occurred only when the speed was free and you set a new speed value. If you set speed type before the actual speed then all worked well for me. Can you confirm this? I fixed the issue I found. So when the speed is free and you set a speed value, the type is set to "less than" or "greater than" depending on the value itself. I also changed that IAS variation works only more than 2000 fee
  11. Sam, The problem is caused by the "Use magnetic north up" option. That case the window to select elements to be displayed was miscalculated. I fixed, it will be available in the next patch. So far the only way to avoid is to switch off this option.
  12. Michael, That is sure. The waypoint is processed only after p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ing the prior one.
  13. I do not really think that a scenario readonly state can be connected to this. The files are opened for reading only.
  14. When you know the function is there it is not too easy to unintentionally change the heading. But probably an option to disable it would help.
  15. Save the content of http://www.euroscope.hu/license/PublicVatsimLicence.txt to PublicVatsimLicence.lic and use it.
  16. My knowledge of the are is not really up to date. I will check.
  17. The idea behind the multiple settings files is that you may want to use ES in different scenarios. You build up different profiles for that. Many things are different, but some items are the same. Then you may the same items to a common settings file and share it between the profiles. I strongly suggest not to edit the settings file manually. You have many dialogs for that.
  18. I also noticed similar, but no clear way to reproduce. I just press the PTT for a short time and then it disappears.
  19. I agree that to the actual agreed level there should be no other controller indication shown as there will be no coordination then. The second point is not as easy. When you click, do something you may expect the command line to be modified. But if you just continue, start typing something else then your fellow controller accepts your change the your edit will be lost.
  20. When I enter a flight plan from CZQM to CZQX using route as "YQM V313 YHZ", ES shows that YQM to YHZ via V313 is OK. So the route itself is compiled.
  21. Michiel, Your taxiways looks exceptional I love them. Issues: - You are right. The menu bars have no scroll bar so far. I will change them. - There is no way to define a one way taxiway in the ESE file. But it seems to be a really useful feature. You may expect it. Bugs: - The second load from file in the editor causes an endless loop. It is already registered. - I tested that and it works when you have the points in your SCT file defined. Did you have them? Questions: - No. There is no way at the moment to define the vacate direction in the scenario file. - No. No prede
  22. It would be nice to have it in a reproducible way.
  23. Yes, I realized that also. I hope that it does not brother anyone too much
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