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  1. Can someone confirm this? There is a way I can see something similar, but acceptable feature: When you run a simulation all the planes are moved in a 1/sec rate. The position update is sent to the server in every 5-6 seconds. So if you run a simulation click on the pause button, the planes are already moved internally to another position. This new position is sent only in 1-5 seconds after the pause. It seems that the planes are still moving, but actually not. Is this what you have seen? Or did the simulator start accidentally? Did the icon change in the toolbar?
  2. As all connection parameters it should be saved into your profile: LastSession proxyserver
  3. You are right. The docomeentation needs a rescan. The really most important change is that the CAricraft cl[Mod - Happy Thoughts] is not there anymore. It is split to CFlightPlan and to CRadarTarget. Surely there are new methods of the original cl[Mod - Happy Thoughts]es, but they are not structural. You have the chance not only to read, but also to set temporary values, change the flight plan, initiate handoff, etc. They are described in the EuroScopePlugIn.h file.
  4. In ribbon pressing the speed mode should change the mode in a loop. It seems that the set value is returning immediately to less than. I was reported this by Zsolt as well. This is a bug to be fixed.
  5. Select the Other Set/Settings files setup. It opens the dialog that shows what sections of the settings are saved to what file. Check the Ground to air voice channels. Open that file if it has a content like this: VOICE AG:Budapest Radar:133.200:rw.liveatc.net:lhcc_ctr AG:Budapest Approach:129.700:rw.liveatc.net:lhbp_app AG:Ferihegy Tower:118.100:rw.liveatc.net:lhbp_twr AG:Budapest East Radar:130.570:rw.liveatc.net:lhcc_e_ctr AG:Budapest Director:119.500:rw.liveatc.net:lhbp_d_app AG:Ferihegy Ground:121.900:rw.liveatc.net:lhbp_gnd AG:Budapest Infromation:128.950:rw.liveatc.net:lhcc_i_ctr
  6. All the dialogs use the system set fonts. And they may change their size too. For me the connect dialog is 733 pixel height. Actually the general settings is 797.
  7. Once we had a similar issue, but only on one computer. So we were unable to decide if it is general or related to that computer only. The workaround that worked for us: - Delete the 3 DLL files that have 100 in the name (mfc100.dll, msvcp100.dll, msvcr100.dll). Try starting ES. If works then be happy. - If still no success, the install the redistributable package (x86): http://www.microsoft.com/en-au/download/confirmation.aspx?id=5555.
  8. Duplicated squawk is checked for all planes that are in your range. It does not matter if you [Mod - Happy Thoughts]igned it first or not.
  9. Yes, I can confirm too. The mirror links will be corrected soon.
  10. It seems that all of us in the beta team had an old licence downloaded somewhere back in time. You can download a fresh one from http://www.euroscope.hu/license/PublicVatsimLicence.txt. Save as PublicVatsimLicence.lic, and load at server startup. The rest should work then.
  11. I received some requests about all the changes in v3.2. You can find all release notes since 2008 at http://www.euroscope.hu/install/changes.html. A small request, or suggestion. If you have any problem, or bug report, please use another thread not this one. That makes us much easier to administer them and it is a better chance for you to have it it fixed
  12. Sam, Can you send me a link to the complete sectorfile. It would be easier to just load it than injecting some lines to an existing one.
  13. The license should be downloaded automatically. Please advise if it is not the case.
  14. Celebrating the really succesfull W14 conference (thx for the organizers) I am happy to announce that after a really long-long time finally the version 3.2 of EuroScope is available for public use. * Complete new simulator structure. More control over the planes, predefined taxi routes, artificial intelligence for ground traffic, tower simulator. * Improved STCA and and a brand new MTCA tool - the CARD list is available. * Flight plan separation tool. * Probing tools - check conflicts before issuing the clearance. * New radar antenna handling. * TAG item coloring on departure/arrival.
  15. Did you set all type in the family? When do you see these data (untagged, tagged, detailed, etc.)?
  16. Why not. You can change the C or S mode transponder symbol in your screen.
  17. Surely it is a typing error. The first edge is between point 0 and 1. The name GetPointsCaldulatedIndex is just based on GetPointsNumber.
  18. Joao, ES calculates the points along the route from the flight plan. It puts them to an array. When we have n points, the indexes are 0, 1, ... n-1. If you have n points then it defines n-1 edges between them. The edge indexes are therefore 0, 1, ... n-2. Edge 0 is between point 0 and 2, ... edge n-2 is between points n-2 and n-1. When ES have these points it select the closest one to the plane and uses its index at GetPointsCaldulatedIndex.
  19. Which additional parameters are you talking about? Things like: - Predefined routes for missed approach, traffic pattern, visual approach, - METAR lines for tower simulator, - Initial pseudo pilot callsign, - plane type, livery, taxiway usage, maximum taxi speed
  20. On wiki it says that the $ROUTE part is optional. Sorry guys. It seems to be an error on my side. We are just editing the WIKI pages to be modified for the upcoming v3.2. And it seems that the scenario file description was edited by me in the current page not in the new version. I restored the original one now. In 3.1 the $ROUTE is not optional. You must specify it. In 3.2 it will really be optional, and if missing the route for the simulator will be extracted from $FP line. Consider this if you are building your own generator at the moment. Also there will be some more additional par
  21. Be sure that ES does not support Metro/Modern user interface. It can be run on Win8.1, but strictly on desktop mode only.
  22. Colin, Try disabling the FSNavigator file. There is a known bug, that if that file has some wrong data, ES could go to an endless loop, when finally all the memory is out and crashes.
  23. Planned to come in May. It will be connected with W14.
  24. In version 3.2 you will be able to define altitude for every point along the route in the scenario file.
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