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  1. We are planning May - this year for sure . We will join to the W14 conference with the release.
  2. The upcoming ES 3.2 has a complete new feature pack to connect your simulations session to FSX and have a much better experience than it would be possible with standard connections. Some points from the manual changes: - More advanced ground movement simulations. RWY exit definitions for automatic vacate. Taxiway definitions in the ESE file for quick, easy and precise selection of the route to follow. - Ground vehicle simulations. - Follow me, follow behind instructions. - Landing gear, lights, flare, pitch, bank simulations. - Emergency simulations (smoke, fire, landing gear problems).
  3. Yes, you are right. The fix will be in the next release quite soon.
  4. Not on the TAG directly, but the radar target position may be different if S mode or A+C mode transponder data is received. Check the Symbology settings .../Symbols.
  5. The plugins receive the the string you entered to the command line and have the ability to compile it.
  6. Version 3.2 will have the following format: $ROUTE:HYPER MULRR/10000 SIGBE/7000 MOWAT HUSEL YACKK TICON
  7. There has been numerous bugs in the route extraction. Most of the m hopefully fixed. Entering this route to the current beta returns the points correctly: BEKOL-IDUMA-SHL-TEPID-POU-GYA-OSIKA-VAPNA-NNG-XEREN-NL-TEBAK.
  8. A bit late answer but: - GetDepartureRwy() and GetArrivalRwy () returns the [Mod - Happy Thoughts]igned values in all phases of the flight while the TAG_ITEM_TYPE_[Mod - Happy Thoughts]IGNED_RUNWAY shows the departure RWY while you are close to the departure airport, then shows the arrival RWY. That is just the behavior of TAG_ITEM_TYPE_[Mod - Happy Thoughts]IGNED_RUNWAY. - Use the GetExtractedRoute of the flight plane. There you have access to the route point by point.
  9. I guess that the server data was not available, and ES does not realize correctly that the download failed.
  10. Yes, it is possible. I even do not have FS9 in my computer, but still able to install the Navigraph data.
  11. You should use Navigraph's (http://www.navigraph.com/FmsDataDownload.aspx) FS-Navigator 4.x files in EuroScope.
  12. It seems that you are using different conditions for the lines. For TLC_30: DISPLAY:MMEX_CTR:MMTO_APP:MMMX_DEP For MEX_40 DISPLAY:MMEX_CTR:MMEX_2_CTR:MMMX_APP:MMMX_DEP Ensure you have the same condition for both to be sure they are shown at the same time.
  13. There is no was to display all the TAGs with non-transparent background.
  14. "Toggle route prediction points draw". It is [Mod - Happy Thoughts]igned to the Altitude indicator in the default Mathias TAG.
  15. In the code only the VFR squawks and the simulated data is not concerned when checking duplicates.
  16. Is it reproducible, or was only a one time situation?
  17. I know guys that it is a shame on me that there is no new public release. I just always find something else to work on instead of finishing it. But as Todor told we just need some bug fixing and docomeentation to go to public. I know I still did not state an exact date, ...
  18. Unfortunately (or fortunately) with the latest beta they are no more reproducible. Both examples works fine with the expected route extraction. Actually there was a fix back at 01/01/2012 that changed the priority of the found fixes. Prior that the closest one were selected, but after that the one that can be connected with the given (or not specified) airway has the priority. That is surely the case at BCN. The one selected is closer to SITET than the one along UN859 at Barcelona.
  19. Try first connecting to FSINN and only then to VATSIM. That makes it less possible to loss any message necessary for plane matching.
  20. Sebastien, Be sure to uncheck the "Connect mike to playback device" chanck box at the voice communication setup dialog.
  21. I suggest playing a bit with visibility center. Move it around to see any change. Or probably add some more visibility points - one close to the neighbor you can not see.
  22. Hi, The GUEST keyword works just as written in the WIKI: "When an aircraft is flying in this sector and its current owner is the controller defined in this [GUEST] line and the departure and the destination airport match the flight plan then the sector owner will be the current controller." So if a plane is in a sector with a GUEST defined and the guest controller is trucking it then ES keeps it as the plane were inside any of the sectors of the guest controller.
  23. EuroScope asks METAR updates from the server in every 15 minutes. So if you are just unlucky then there may be a 15 minutes delay.
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