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  1. Hi all, Probably already asked and answered but just could not find it... Is there any current virtual airline capable of feeding/updating its' statistics from Vatsim data alone, that is, without the need/requirement for dedicated 'acars'-like client at users' side? Preferably, automated, so the airline queries vatsim stats and updates its' member flying hours and stats automagically for the flights from VA roster. Thanks Robert
  2. First of all, thanks much for great plugin. It works great, smooth, is lightweight and overall does its job as advertised. Here is one possible bug or at least observation: Most of the times, approximately 3 out of 5 times, when Connect-ing to the vatsim for the 1st time, after fresh xplane start, the Connect is succesful, I can hear see the 'voice connected' message, and hear the chime. Also, I am able to see 'who is online' - and tune to them. Also, I am able to pull the .atis if there is one. So far so good. However, when trying to hear the local voices (twr, gnd, ctr), no luch
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