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  1. It is with much pleasure that I announce that Divya Patel has accepted the position of VP - Pilot Training. Diva joins the Board of Governors immediately and will be continuing the good work of his predecessor, Pan, adding his own methods and styles to grow the department and training programs. Divya brings a wealth of Aviation knowledge to the position with him. Divya is currently employed within the aviation industry as a Mechanical Design Engineer. I would like to thank John Wiesenfeld and Max Lye, both John and Max have continued to work tirelessly to ensure the program stayed tr
  2. In every community there are those whose vision and dedication make things better for all involved. Tom Allensworth was such an individual. The man who called himself "the Janitor" created and ran the AVSIM network from its humble beginnings as a bulletin board system launched in 1983, to the invaluable resource for devotees of flight simulation that it has become. Tom's p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ing is a great loss to our community, and the Founders, Executive Committee and Board of Governors of VATSIM offer our condolences to his family, his coworkers, and the community in gen
  3. ANOTHER great year of controlling from everyone, well done all!! Congrats to: Berlin Tower Top 100 Golden Mic Winners (TWR scoring, 1 pph per facil) From: 2014-01-01 00:00:01 / Until: 2014-12-31 23:59:59 ============================================================ # ID Facility (airport) name Uptime Up % -- ----- --------------------------- --------- ----- 1 EDDT Berlin 2091:34:18 23.9% 2 EGCC Manchester 1791:55:33 20.5% 3 EGKK London-Gatwick 1610:57:37 18.4% 4 L
  4. Well 2014 is closing, and 2015 is knocking on the door and many of us are thinking about holidays with our families and loved ones. The VATSIM Board of Governors, Founders and Executive Committee would like to take time out from this busy period to thank all members for their continuing contribution to the VATSIM Flight Simulation community. We are ending the year on a high note with the release of the all new VATSIM website, which we hope will make it easier for all members to navigate and find information in a timely manner. 2015 we hope will see further improvements to the networ
  5. The server that hosts pcflyer.net is having an upgrade this weekend so there maybe a short period (~30 minutes) when the banners will not be available. Steven
  6. I am very happy to be able to officially announce that our new VP - Membership is Daniel Gomes. Daniel joins the BoG as Jim has stepped down due to his commitments to his career and family. I am sure Daniel is not a stranger to many of you, and I ask everyone to join in with me in welcoming Daniel into his new role.
  7. It is with immense pleasure that I can officially announce the appointment of Kieran Hardern in to the position of VP Web Services. Many of you will recognise Kieran’s name as the author of the new VATSIM SSO client. Kieran has already commenced in the role and is currently tackling the backlog of requests and fixes as he attempts to bring some order back into the web services portfolio. Please join with me in wishing Kieran well in his new role.
  8. ******Notice to all virtual Air Traffic Controllers****** Please use the Supervisor services wisely and for the purpose they are intended. Supervisors are not your personal security force, they are NOT here to remove someone at your desire. If you have an issue that can not be sorted out civilly then by all means do make use of the supervisors, but please don't call more than one (1) supervisor to an issue, if they require [Mod - Happy Thoughts]istance or advice they will know when and how to get it. Calling me to "kick" someone will not result in an instant removal from the net
  9. Thanks for the services you have given to VATSIM Bob, enjoy the grandkids. Welcome Tom.
  10. Excellent news. Congrats Flo
  11. VATSIM is looking for applications from those interested in filling the position of Vice President of Supervisors. OUTLINE: This Governor's primary responsibilities: 1. To accept, review and process applications and requests from members who wish to attain Supervisor status. 2. To maintain the VATSIM database records regarding Supervisor ratings status. 3. To monitor the performance of and conduct investigations into complaints involving Supervisory personnel. 4. Along with all members of the BoG to [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ist in the planning, development, implementation and maintenan
  12. Yeah, looks like it has been hacked.
  13. They can be viewed on the web site: http://www.vatsim.net/network/docs/library/bogminutes/
  14. Bowen, It is very sad to see any of our members leave regardless of the reason, but you know the reasons the change in management happened just as I do. Let's leave the conversation there, I wish the members all the best in their new roles, and will finish by saying they are welcome to return and rejoin the network as a pilot any time they wish.
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