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  1. I have just noticed that my video card is no longer listed under the display settings devices in FSX settings.....the only video card recognized is the Intel card. I have tried deleting the cfg file but no help...Any ideas ? I have installed latest BIOS and DRIVERS Cheers Graeme
  2. Gergely am up and running thanks Bill, the site was only down for a few days that is the latest sector file that you are seeing
  3. Nope..... I have also tried to reinstall Eurosccope still cant force it through...
  4. I cant get this sector file to download since the latest update... Can anyone help ?
  5. Can you walk me throught it am struggling to figure it out
  6. So while working a busy event the other night using Euroscope i found out that our files were not set up correctly for the ground and delivery positions that I was working. When I say that I mean I was unable to see any aircraft in my planes list or dept lists. I am sure this is to do with the ownership hierarchy not being correct What I want to be able to do is edit my easy ground tags so that when i right click them the flight plan will display for editing is that possible? Cheers Graeme
  7. OK Makes Sense One more question, I have two Alias files, one created by euroscope and one created by my ARTCC I [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ume the only one active is the one I have loaded which is the one i use for my facility. I would add these commands to the end of that file or the one created by euroscope. Thanks Graeme
  8. Ok tried that but didnt seem to work. I guess i dont understand why i cant just edit the .auto functions that are already in the system. They must be in there somewhere to edit ??
  9. I have found the general alias txt docomeent what i dont see are the default alias commands that go out to text aircraft when you edit say the alt in the data tag
  10. Still haven't found where the default alias files are, so that i can edit the content Any Help ??
  11. well they are currently working so must be located somewhere already ????
  12. Ross Thank you for your reply, i don't see them in the Alias file. Can you send me yours so i can compare. Changing for US phraseology s what i want to do also Cheers Graeme
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