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  1. Heard just now from London Control whilst descending into EGKK : Pilot: "London Control, good evening, with you on a SFD9P departure" LON: "Good evening.... Oh God, he's trying to kill you!"
  2. I love the way a UK related question has been hijacked by our friends across the pond...
  3. You may have noticed that the Vatsim-UK website is currently down. I have been informed by one of our web team that the problem is with the host of the website and that there is little that can be done until the host can rectify the problem. The UK Web team are hoping to be able to get access by tomorrow, so hopefully this is a temporary problem that will be resolved quickly. Thank you for your patience. Andy McCall South-East RTS Manager
  4. On Heathrow Tower during the Vatsim-UK Live! event: Pilot: With you, established ILS rwy 27R Me: Continue approach, no.2 Pilot: I have an aircraft in front of me on TCAS, is that correct? Me: Affirm sir, that's why you're no.2
  5. This is related to the main servers issue as the UK servers are unable to verify CID/P[Mod - Happy Thoughts]words due to the main Vatsim webservers being offline See here for more details
  6. Good evening all Firstly, I hope this is the right place to put this, if not, please accept my sincere apologies and please move it to the appropriate forum. JetVA are holding an event on 11th February: ATC at both airports and en-route would be fantastic - this is being advertised on the Vatsim-UK forums too. I would ask though that you are patient as many of our members are new to Vatsim. We will be holding training sessions before hand, put please try and help our newer members if they get stuck. Best wishes and sincere thanks in advance Andy McCall JetVA
  7. It appears the MySQL server needs kicking....I mean....booting again
  8. It seems the UK website has died again.... Can anyone confirm this, or is it just me?
  9. yeah, the funniest thing you have ever heard while controlling can we get back on topic please?
  10. Hi all The pilot briefing notes for Atlanta appear to be corrupted. I tried 3 times yesterday to download them as I'm considering a flight there in the coming days. On another note - I saw in an ATIS message the other day I appreciate you want to get the message across, but it comes across as shouting arrogant and rude, and has made me think twice about flying in Atlanta in case I make an error, as given the above I'd expect to get bawled at. If I did, then I would definately NOT fly in Atlanta again! Not with any ATC around anyway! What I'm trying to say is, I know what
  11. This didn't happen to me, but to one of my friends whilst on the ground at Luton (EGGW) - there was only London Control online: ABC123: London Control, good morning, request IFR clearance to Ibiza CTR: ABC123 good morning, cleared to the sunshine..... Nearly fell off my chair laughing at that when he told me!
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