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  1. Hallo Michael, Unfortunetely ASE has not been updated to support EuroScope 3.2. You will need to use the built in Scenario Editor to create the scenarios, or create them by hand.
  2. Michael, What are you using to create the Scenario File?
  3. Yes I did. We are discussing a couple of different solutions and will reply a bit later today. Please excuse the delay.
  4. Pavel, Before everything, scenarios created with ASE are not compatible with 3.2 so you must either edit manually or use the integrated scenario editor. 1. You turn them on as in 3.1 via the (almost obsolete) simulator control window which you open from the rightmost button on the simulator toolbar. 2. Just use the initial descend by fix function. It works the same way for climbs and will set as intended the CFL to the controller as well. As for a sync between the pseudopilot and controller for CFL this has been disabled. The ATC should set the CFL independent of what the pseudopi
  5. Masoud, The limitation in this Public VATSIM licence is 2 connections of radar controllers and 2 connections from FSX for Tower View. For a nonintegrated session you may run a server on each computer's instructor. It requires internet access for licence check and it can run without internet access for 2 days thereafter. If you want integrated training I still suggest using the Sweatbox server online even if it is online.
  6. Hallo Pavel, For Educational or Professional use please have university staff contact the team at office (at) atcosim.com to discuss licencing. Pau, The VATSIM use implies the freely available Sweatbox server. You will only need S3 for the pseudopilots. The controllers themselves can be OBS. Is this a limitation for you?
  7. I may be wrong, so if you can check this with HiFi and confirm whether it is true or not it would be useful to know. As far as I know, all weather software, including ASN use METAR only to generate weather, and from that it generates TS/CB clouds in the area of the METAR station. If by any chance ASN now communicates actual cloud data from the server (which is doubtful) that would be incredible for VATSIM use. Let me know if you find anything.
  8. Just my 2 cents. The problem that aircraft developers have had to face to bring a realistic weather radar to FSX does not apply to the kind of weather radar used on radar software. The problem faces there was mainly about a realistic 3D model for precipitation so the position of the aircraft relative to the precipitation was able to be seen properly by the radar return and the tilt to work properly. This does not apply to the top-down kind of radar that is shown on radar screens around the world. It is a fixed, or animated image but with no tilt function and the radar station is in a fixed pos
  9. From what I remembered from what I discussed with the developer the solution is the following: We discussed that adding an initial point just at the end or at the start of the RWY will work as the closest segment will be the one along the RWY heading. I have not tested it yet however. Any feedback on this is welcome.
  10. The algorithm to find the closest point on predefined routes is the following: a perpendicular line is drawn to the closest leg of the route from the aircraft, then the aircraft will proceed to the next waypoint on that segment. Without a screenshot of what's happening I can't tell if what is going on there is the intended action or not.
  11. Merik, This does work on my side. Are you sure both GEE and EXTOL are defined in the FIXES section? Also leave 2 additional spaces after GEE to a total of 3.
  12. Michael, In order to have a displaced threshold for landing and full length for takeoff I usually define two runways for the same runway. One full length and one displaced. You can name on 08D and the other 08F, or similarly.
  13. Hallo Michael, Rolling takeoff feature is part of the requested features list and will likely be implemented soon.
  14. The solution thread is pinned at the top: http://www.euroscope.hu/mediawiki/index.php?title=FAQ#FAQ_for_3.2
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