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  1. I cancelled my originally planned participation in the 'Light Up Liberty' event to ensure I support the Caribbean FIR since I'm from the Bahamas which is apart of the Caribbean, so, expect us in the DA62 (in VR) with routing out of TJSJ into TNCM after Friday Night Ops (KMEM > KJAX > KMIA > TJSJ) in prep for the event on the the 16th. We had engaged an Oceania Tour earlier last month but cancelled after arriving Avalon (YMAV) with an immediate return via Eastbound Track out of Australia back into Nassau, Bahamas. We just arrived into Yakutat (PAYA) and will press on tomorrow, Ma
  2. I will add to the traffic at this event in loyal support of our beloved VATSIM. You will find me in the DA62 (in VR exclusively) or in the King Air 350i from Milviz streaming LIVE. For a taste of what we do see this past stream at the Puerto Rico/Dominican Crossfire a few days ago (enjoy): Here's to many years of continued support and positive showcasing of VATSIM via streaming on Twitch.
  3. They sure have been booked already Martin - CTP is the most participated bi-annual event VATSIM calendars. However, you should monitor the bookings section of CTP's website as participants sometimes drop bookings due to other commitments. Notwithstanding, you can always fly during the event using any city pair you desire but expect departure delay so plan accordingly (i.e. fuel and extra, extra patience again I say, ensure you tank extra, extra patience)
  4. As always, a pleasure and looking forward to enjoying the event as I have many years before. First 'wheels-up' out of MIA outbound Chopin in the T7 - FedEx colors. Will be streaming the entire event in VR @ N978PJ on TWITCH TUNE IN, FOLLOW and enjoy! Lastly, many thanks to the event planners and by extension VATSIM. New voice codec -- WOOT! Flight Number FDX978 Departure Time 2019-10-26 11:06:00 Departure Miami International (KMIA/MIA) Arrival Warsaw Chopin (EPWA/WAW) Flight Level FL340
  5. Enjoying the event: great ATC and smooth traffic flow! Amazing work Team Vatsim. See 'yall in Vancouver in under six (6) hours (EDDH to CYVR)
  6. Got mine -- desired city-pair (pushing for the longest run): -------------// Flight Data Flight Number FDX978 Departure Time 11:17:00Z Departure Hamburg (EDDH/HAM) Arrival Vancouver International (CYVR/YVR) Flight Level FL330 Route No routing information available yet. Check back 6-12 hours before the event. NAT Track ------------------ // Enjoy the event ladies/gents and keep the discussion respectful.
  7. Good stuff! I enjoy the 'all-out-chaos' when bookings go live -- the comments are priceless.
  8. Notification icon at top-right tells you when a new departure field becomes available guys. Love this new feature -- eases the 'acid-grab' during the first 30 minutes when bookings went live in the past.
  9. Calm down -- for goodness sakes lol I'm sure all fields will be released in time
  10. Congrats on the new CPT site Team. Very well done! VAT978 (formally FDX978) got the first slot out of Boston (KBOS) @ 11:11z outbound Manchester (EGCC) -- here's to pushing TFDi's B717-200 to the extremes w/ 2 pilots and 30 lbs of overnight luggage. With favorable tailwinds, we should make the 2,700+ nm hop "Cross The Pond" Until event day - thanks and stay safe ladies/gents! VAT978 (FDX978)
  11. UPDATE: Congratulations to all! A show not to be missed! Notwithstanding, after thoroughly searching the bookings for an EPWA/KMIA city pair - - I realized one of two outcomes: others booked before I did or the event organizers did not pair those two city pairs. I reckon it is the latter because I was logged into CPT's site at 1300z sharp, without a problem (splendid job on the site as always) and did not find any routing for EPWA/KMIA. However, the alternative destination: KATL -- therefore, final booking: EPWA/KATL @ 1232z (I always opt for the furthermost city pair at CPT)
  12. Ladies/Gents! Grateful for another CPT (to all involve)! Maybe it's not said enough, but I'm thankful for VATSIM and the dedicated individuals who contribute so grateful to this 'beloved' hobby (all staff/members) Stream Link for the day (tentatively: Warsaw to Miami): click ==> FDX978 Heavy See you all event day! //FDX978
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