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  1. cool im typeing this just as im walking out the door to goto america (seatle) so ill start putting something together when i get back on the 28th of aperal
  2. well no nor can i however if you have been keeping up to date with the the latest airshows you will of noticed that there are a few heavy jets performing displays the DHL 757 and the south afircan 747 this is what i meen
  3. Hi everyone Im just wondering if some1 is organiseing another event with heathrow being fully staffed. I have enjoyed flying out of EGLL under full ATC and would like to do it agen. Thanks Will
  4. Hi I am looking into starting a heavy jet display team at the moment I have 1 other person interested. I am asking for.. a) information on the VATSIM policy on such activitys. b) Pilots who would be interested in flying for the team. AC types will include... B747-400 (x1) B757-300 (x2) B737-800 (x1) Concorde (x3) and porobably othes please let me know if you have any idas for aircraft to use. c) Air Traffic Controlers who wou
  5. Hi This is a message to the pilot who keeps useing Heathrow as a Playground. DON'T. It is not profesonal or realistc to hover over taxing, airiveing, departing or parcked aircraft . Not only is it a hazard but it becomes really anoying having someone hovering over your plane all the time with a call sign of POLICE or US-CUSTOMES PLEASE REMEMBER IF YOU WOULDNT DO IT IN THE REAL WORLD DON'T DO IT IN VATSIM If you would like to practice your low flying skills plese do it offline or in a remote Military airfeld that is not under ATC coverage. Thanks For Your attencion W
  6. Sorry one more comment the pilot how keeps flying roung EGLL in a helicopter like he owns the place please stop. it becomes really anoying having u hover over our aircraft whilst where trying to taxi
  7. Garreth I quite agreee with you on this subject and i find it sickining PLEASE PEOPLE if you wouldnt do it in the real world DON'T DO IT ON VATSIM
  8. i use fs but i hear dat Xplane has runways dat arnt perfecly flat lol i think dat would be cool
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