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  1. Another pointer for those wanting to start VAs.. READ THIS FORUM COVER TO COVER... If there is no VA out there simulating your favorite real world airline, there is probably a GOOD reason. More often than not, you can find that reason in this forum somwhere.
  2. Correct. All times in vroute are also displayed in your local time zone. If you want to fly and ATC is from 8PM in UK, it is from 8PM your local time. The logical way. Michal now that i didnt know... VERY impressive.. So just to make sure i understood this: I post a flight for 10AM my time (3AM in NY) my system will show it as 10AM and some guy in NY will show it on his sytem as 3AM?
  3. I think it would have been more logical to use ZULU time in order to eliminate all possible confusion....
  4. I want to book a flight. It says that I should post the time of my planned flight in my "LOCAL TIME ZONE" does that mean that I should put the local time of the place where I am flying (i.e. East Coast USA) or should I use my real world local time which is 7 hours ahead of east coast USA?
  5. Did that an hour ago... no luck I will replace the .DLL file that Ross said. I will lwet u guys know if it worked
  6. The problem started actually right AFTER I installed ASRC 1.2. The DLL error happens when i try to open ASRC as well
  7. Hi Ross... It appears that windows has several of these MSVCRT.dll files and i am having difficulty pin pointing the "guilty party"... Do you know which MSVCRT.DLL file VRC targets?
  8. Ok, thanks for your time trying to solve this, i really appriciate it.. I will try to find ways to work around it...
  9. I get this error everytime i try to open VRC. 1) I have uninstalled it and reinstalled it a few times. 2) I have been able to open it at times after a fresh installation, but once i close it, I get the same error the next time I try to open the program... 3) This started happening after i tried to install ASRC 1.2 (just to check it out) and since then, even good ole ASRC wont work... any ideas?
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