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  1. so you can't do it... that's fine, no need to get mad. Just was making a suggestion. FSInn had a private channel setup, had to use a push to talk but at least it was something so if several people were flying together they could chat while flying... anyway, thanks...
  2. If there is a logical reason for skipping fixes and lowering altitudes I will do it, but when it's to save time for the controller, then I will not fly on vatsim, it's stupid. I spend a lot of time talking to a real pilot, he flies in the real world, they don't have you skip fixes, and unless there is a good reason, they don't call you up and have you lower your altitude just because of what ever reason. There are some really good controllers and then there are people that just want to do what ever. I think those that really do go out of there way to do it more real make it more fun f
  3. Ok, I was already at the altitude I wanted to be at, I was at the right altitude for direction of flight, there was no other traffic around to make it un safe, and by the way, if all you guys are going to yell your replies I wont post here again. There is no need to be rude, that's my job.
  4. Ok, I did something by guess and it worked. I run multi computers to make up my sim. I have Prepar3d on one doing outside displays, a second doing the FMC, a third running other addons, etc. vPilot Host no voice in running on the Prepar3d computer, and one remote with voice on a second. I actually got a second remote with voice working on a third computer and the audio works on both machines. So, when the Push to talk is pressed, either headset can talk both can hear ATC. Now my question would, is it possible to setup an intercom between them? So if two people are flying they coul
  5. I've only run into this problem and yes it's a problem twice. When doing a flight, aircraft (Commercial usually) will do step climbs to get better fuel economy. I fly a lot on vatsim, and will make these steps as planned in the flight plan. I was on with a controller in Minneapolis center the other night. He didn't want me to make another scheduled step climb coming up because he wanted me back down to my original flight level. That didn't make sense as I needed those steps to make sure I get to my destination with fuel. So when he told me to descend I disconnected and climbed. It
  6. Well, I suppose 10 miles of docs would be tough reading. Well, I plan on including 122.8 in the monitoring as well. I was looking thru the South Africa docs and nothing about the freq. Is that for the rest of Africa or all, the 124.800?
  7. Yeah, I know about the Brazil web site, but what about Africa? I'm saying, why isn't it in the actual vatsim regs?
  8. Okay, just finish my P-1 recently, and I learned for the first time about this rile paragraph B.7 of the Code of conduct states: “Pilots flying through uncontrolled airspace should set frequency to 122.80 or other designated UNICOM frequency until they come under Air Traffic Control coverage.” But, no where does it specifies the following: In the case of Brazil and South Africa, different frequencies are used because 122.800 is a frequency used by ATC in those countries and published charts and procedures detail 122.800 for use. The designated UNICOM frequency in Brazil is 123.450
  9. just want to add my 2.5 cents to the subject. And sorry for not reading all the messages here first as there is a lot of comments. First off all, we are all singles 99% of the time. Controllers are just as human as us pilots. I as a pilot under live atc have had issues with them. Your out at a remote airport with only center on, his focus is more his major airport where he is playing all levels from clearance to center. I want to say to controllers, hey, don't for get us pilots off in the remote areas, but then we need pilots to follow directions and not create situations... I've
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