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  1. After many tries, I give up I reinstalled Windows and ES works fine again... Now, is reinstall all stuff again Thanks everybody who try to help, sorry for expend your time but I'm tired. Format and reinstall seemed the best choice. Thanks again.
  2. OK, I will send to you today about 2300Z - now I'm working and no have the files with me.
  3. Marvin, they were in my [Mod - Happy Thoughts]igned sector. I have made a test yesterday installing VRC and, using same sector designed to ES (just test) and work as well; traffic was appointed in they real location (I have confirmed with pilots). The problem is specific in my ES installation =/ Todor: LoL Nice try but already tryed and no new result Thanks all.
  4. Todor, same result. Thanks for try. This bug is very boring =/ Regards.
  5. Ross, thanks for replay. But, I have tryed all correlation types before with same result. I think this is not a estimated position indication beacuse all FP were for a local flight (no more then 15NM from base). Regards.
  6. Hi all. I have reinstall ES 3.1d and now, the ACFT are displayed about 60NM N/NE out of they real position. Same sector is used for some friends with no trouble in same ES version with same OS (Windows 7). If someone could help, I appreciate. Thanks a lot.
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