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  1. I fear it may be sending entirely the wrong message for them when yesterday it seemed to say "nobody much bothers with ratings"! Just having it in the "flight details" screen would give the info to those that want it (anyone?) without advertising the almost complete lack of rated pilots? Alternatively making the column just 3 digits wide for P1-P10 would avoid the negativity of acres of empty space and may satisfy the likes of @Trevor Hannant for less wasted space?
  2. I totally agree that there should be far more genuine "customer" consultation with decisions, in fact any at all would be nice. I don't agree with your pilot's views re EUR though, EURI was unwanted by the UK pilot membership when it first appeared (there was far more pilot input to the UK fora back then). I well remember the efforts people went to to avoid EURI completely! The demise of EURI is very welcome IMO as a pilot-only.
  3. Glad to hear it and the best of luck. It can become very time consuming but hugely rewarding.
  4. There is a quick way round this problem (that a great many have at first), in the text box you can type .com1 xxx.xx then Enter to change frequency (obviously where the xxx.xx is the new frequency). Not terribly realistic but it does the job while flapping around as a new boy.(Note the . on the front!) There are other Dot Commands you can use in the text box if struggling, for example .x XXXX to change your squawk code.
  5. As asked on Page 1: How will the en route controllers know who to "ignore"?
  6. How will controlllers know who to "ignore"? With the traffic levels of CTP they just aren't going to cross-check every callsign against huge lists or search remarks for specific comments so how will they know?
  7. I do understand the dilemma. Yesterday I went back to big tin in FSX on Vatsim for the first time in ages and actually thoroughly enjoyed a 3 hour flight without workarounds (having a PMDG under me), having fully accurate Active Sky, spot on Navdata and not having to compromise on anything. It actually made a very nice change from carting around VFR in MSFS! So for the moment I am using horses for courses. I'm not spending ages trying to make MSFS default a/c "fit" Vatsim when they will become irrelevant once PMDG etc get their aircraft out but thoroughly enjoying the VFR experience in MSFS in
  8. I am not one of them I'm afraid! 5 years of school as an Englishman in Glasgow in the 70s convinced me not to harbour any such wishes ☚ī¸ It did though introduce me to the world of aviation geeking.
  9. I may have to adhere to the modern fad of announcing that I am OFFENDED by such a suggestion but I'm not sure what happens when one is offended, I believe it may be nothing at all? My preference for not using the MSFS big tin on Vatsim is largely because if an aircraft cannot do everything required of (direct to's, holding patterns, latest Navdata etc etc) then I'd prefer not to be an inconvenience and dish out "unables". I much prefer to be capable of doing whatever is asked. Maybe I'm too fussy, dunno. Now, about being Scottish......... 😈
  10. FYI, the QNH is not a problem. Judicious use of the B button will show you at the correct altitude on the radar screen. Not terribly realistic pressing B but if dialling in the QNH that ATC gives puts you at the wrong altitude then B is a more practical option. It's always been that way since there's never been a guarantee that your aircraft's QNH matches ATC's, with things like AS then they usually agree but they may not in which case a quick B sorts it out. The B button has been carried over into MSFS fortunately with their dodgy weather system (which is currently a bit rubbish).
  11. Long discussion/debate many many years ago determined that for VATSIM purposes 2200 worked best in the UK. I use 2200 because of that and then 2000 is for non-radar environment, i.e. Oceanic. I'm not revisiting that debate.
  12. I had this yesterday overflying France inbound the UK; as it's not used in the UK I simply reverted to 2200 on joining UK airspace.
  13. If you don't mind I won't give the details of exactly how we achieved everything because the above mentioned self-appointed fun police will restart the stupid debates that I'd had enough of 13 years ago (and why the 2008 show never happened). Suffice to say read the letter of the law carefully and think laterally. That was easy because in 2005 FSInn had a "fast updates" peer-to-peer function where clients could update each other directly so formation flying was very achievable and very watchable. It worked an absolute treat and those who remember the "synchro DC3s" from the 2007 show w
  14. I ran an airshow in 2005, 2006 and 2007 without breaching ANY Vatsim regs and that was Rule 1: We don't breach anything. It can be done and it was very successful but does take some doing. Prior to the first one a lot of work went into how to make sure Rule 1 was applied, all reviewed with the Divisional staff, and we had the then DCRM and SUPs controlling to ensure we kept in order. Gunnar will probably remember these. You do, however, have to be prepared to encounter the self-appointed Fun Police and their wooden spoons for agitating brown stuff 😄😄
  15. I'm afraid that description doesn't make much sense. There is nothing about AFV that would cause your client (FSInn) to disconnect. If the Vatsim button turns off then go to Set/Networks/Vatsim and in the bottom left of that window it will tell you why FSInn disconnected. What does it say? AFV is not your connection to Vatsim. FSInn is. If the radar is working with aircraft showing then you ARE connected to Vatsim through FSInn. All AFV does is to find that connection and process voice for it. As I've asked you 3 times now, when you connect AFV it should be reporting back the callsign you
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