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  1. Hello Stephan We don't have internal COPX defined for handoff from U_CTR to E_CTR and from E_CTR to CTR. U_CTR and E_CTR should just be "informed" in some way that traffic has to cross ARSUT at FL140 so they know where they should descent there traffic to FL330 resp. 250. So it is simply not possible to define something like that in ES without defining separate COPX? For the time being, I'm using the following workarround: LSZH_U_CTR, LSZH_E_CTR and LSZH_CTR will all have ARSUT displayed with a level restricion of FL140. LSZH_U_CTR and LSZH_E_CTR simply need to be aware that they can d
  2. Hello Todor The question is what parameters are used to check if a line is true or not. To me a line should only be considered to be true, if the sector in which an aircraft is currently flying is controlled by the same ATC as the first sector in the COPX-Definition. Thus if LSAS_E_CTR only controls sector LSAS_E_CTR-245_325 the 1st COPX should not apply.
  3. Hello Martin They actually don't use the same COPX. The only thing defined is that traffic with destination EDDS must be on FL140 at ARSUT. LSAS_U_CTR and LSAS_E_CTR are just expected to descent traffic with destination EDDS to FL330 respectivelly FL250 in a way that the traffic can cross ARSUT on FL140. So there are actually no COPX for the transfer LSAS_U_CTR > LSAS_E_CTR > LSAS_CTR, therefore the COPX name is left empty in the definitions above. My intension is to use COPX 2 and 3 to indicate LSAS_U_CTR and LSAS_E_CTR, that they need to descent traffic with destination EDDS to FL3
  4. Hello I'm about to create the ESE file for vACC Switzerland. There is a problem defining COPX to one destination with more than three sectors involved. Situation Airspaces On our side there are the following sectors: LSAS_CTR-050_245 from 05000 to 24500 LSAS_E_CTR-ZE-245_325 from 24500 to 32500 LSAS_U_CTR-ZE-325_660 from 32500 to 66000 On Frankfurt side there is the following airspace: EDDS_S_APP-145 from GND to 14500 LoA The LoA defines, that aircraft with destination EDDS shall be handed off from Sector LSAS_CTR-050_245 to EDDS_S_APP-145 at 14000ft. C
  5. We have have almost hundreds of sectors defined in our ESE-file. This is not a problem, as I'm now quite familiar with the ESE-format. But what I still do not understand are the exact conditions for the red line. Is this line only used to indicate that a sector is no longer under my control or should it generally appear at each border between a sector controller by me and another sector controlled by somebody else? In our ESE, we have defined sectors for Switzerland and for the surrounding countries (Frankfurt FIR in the north, Munich FIR in the east, Italy in the south and France in the
  6. Hello I'm creating ES-Date for vACC Switzerland. Can somebody please explain me: 1. What an active handoff area is 2. Under what conditions the red line appears (ex. http://www.euroscope.hu/wiki/data/Sectors_And_Aircraft_States_attach/astate02.jpg) Kind regards Raffael Walther vACC Switzerland Leader Operation Department
  7. Hello I've seen that sometime (actually quite often!) a lot data is missing in the data file. Such files maybe also cause an out-of-date-error in VatSpy and/or ES?
  8. @Thomas Ok, then I've missunderstood you! I thought that you would move LFFF_CTR one position up (above LFEE_CTR) in the priority list.
  9. Hello Thomas Yes but IF LFEE and LFFF is online (and LSAS not), then LFEE covers Bale. That's why LFFF comes after LFEE (even that LFFF is more often online than LFEE).
  10. Hello Sebastien Well, you are completly right with the "Distance from Paris to Bale"! That's why LFFF is only at the 3rd position. But LFSB still also belongs to France and therefore also LFFF_CTR (who cover's LFEE airspace if LFEE_CTR is offline) can control this airport. BTW: It was explicitly requested by your VACC that LFFF_CTR can also be responsible for Bale. Kind regards Raffael Walther Leader Swiss FIR Operation
  11. Hallo Maybe this posting is only read by a small part of the pilots who it actually concerns. In Swiss FIR we often have pilots who depart from Geneva (LSGG) or Bale (LFSB) without contacting Swiss Radar (LSAS_CTR) for clearance. The reason meight be that the think these airports are French. This is only partially true! Geneva This airport is only controlled by Swiss FIR. You need to call the following controller for clearance (decreasing priority) 1. Appropriate station in Geneva (LSGG_GND, LSGG_A_GND,....) 2. LSAS_G_CTR 3. LSAS_CTR Bale Reality Bale is a Swiss Ci
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