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  1. Will be glad to see you guys! Looks like tomorrow is gonna be a little unusual flight. The weather reports are not looking so good, so most likely we'll have to fly IFR! How about making some IFR approaches in small planes in the clouds, uh? It's a lot of fun too, believe me!
  2. Just wanted to remind that everybody is welcome to join our tomorrow's event! Hope to see you all!
  3. Yeah, we thought so too. Hope to see you next saturday! And everybody is welcome too! The next saturday event is posted, so keep it on and lets roll! We'll be flying along the eastern Florida coast from Melbourne, FL to Palm Beach, FL. http://www.piperclub.net/?cat=4
  4. So the screenshots are right here: http://www.piperclub.net/?page_id=14 Be jealous those who didn't show up! And now I need to sleep, really... Oh, the plans for the next event are already on the website! This time we'll rock in Florida!
  5. So the event went nice! Only 3 pilots though, but I hope for more next week! Screenshots will be added soon, as well as plans for the next event!
  6. The event is one hour away, the TeamSpeak is open, everybody is welcome: Server: (port 8767, if needed) Type in your callsign as a nickname Login is not needed P[Mod - Happy Thoughts]word is piper.
  7. I'll take that as a yes! The event is just 24 hours away folks! Hope to see you all there! And everybody is very welcome to our IRC chat at any time! We have a nice company over there.
  8. So everybody's ready to rock n roll? The event is not so far away already!
  9. We didn't really fly with the club yet. I did some flying myself on saturday though. The first group flight is scheduled for next saturday, Oct 25th, 3pm EST .
  10. We really hope for some ATC in KMDT next saturday at around 3:30pm EST. Today there was Eric Faber online on TWR.
  11. Our first flight next saturday starts at 3pm Eastern Standart Time. Flight length is within 1 hour, depends on the speed of your plane. Check our website for all the informaton: http://www.piperclub.net/
  12. We can use TeamSpeak, no problem with that . That's why we decided to make the first event 2 weeks from the opening, so there will be time to read all your suggestions. We'll use TeamSpeak if everybody's ok with it.
  13. Yes, on the first event we're departing from the untowered G cl[Mod - Happy Thoughts] airport. Thanks!
  14. Also, what would be the right thing to do when departing from a G cl[Mod - Happy Thoughts] airspace airport when there's a Center position above? To depart ourselves and report the position and intentions to the controller after the departure?
  15. Thanks for your suggestions Keith! About the altitude - yeah, my fault, I fixed that to 5500ft.
  16. Oh man, you folks haven't seen the website? The link is in the very first post on the title. I'll make it more visible there http://www.piperclub.net/
  17. Great! Hope to see you on one of our events! Any small prop. C150\172\182, Piper Cub, Piper Cherokee, the Beaver, anything you like, really! We don't need all the aircrafts to stick together like a formation, and it will look cool anyway, a bunch of people flying VFR from A to B.
  18. I shifted the departure time for 2 hours, now its 3pm EST, how about that?
  19. The title comes from the name of the airport, and i hardly think we're gonna change it . Yep, i guess we'll change the time of the very first flight and all the next flights too. Sure, we're not expecting much from the very beginning. We're definitely gonna do that! Thanks!
  20. Any comments here? That's what we desperately need at this moment. That's 40 views of the topic already and no replies.
  21. Piper Memorial Flying Club http://www.piperclub.net For all those VFR enthusiasts out there, we have group VFR flights every Saturday, starting from October 25th! The main purpose of the Club is to unite the people that enjoy flying VFR and populating VFR flight among the VATSIM network. You won't be alone among all those big birds above you anymore! All necessary information is provided for each event. We will have voice chat running over TeamSpeak, and IRC chat is available at any time. We are not a Virtual Airline, and everybody is welcome to join any of our events! You just ne
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