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  1. Mike,


    Unless you're going to enter Cl[Mod - Happy Thoughts] B, C or D airspace, I would suggest not talking to ATC at all. Flight following is not going to be of value to a series of formation flights. It will actually be a pain if you're trying to coordinate your flight with one another through an out-of-band voice channel, such as TeamSpeak.


    Ok thanks! We'll have a RogerWilco channel running.

  2. Hi Mike,


    Good luck with the VFR flight club, it's a wonderful thing! One suggestion, if I may...your event page states a recommended altitude of 5000' MSL for this upcoming trip. A legal VFR cruising altitude would be 5500ft. 4k, 5k, 6k, etc are all IFR cruising altitudes.


    Los Angeles ARTCC held some fun VFR flights, traveling from coast to coast. There were anywhere from 3-10 pilots attending them each week. I agree with Ian's comment that it's actually a lot of fun in small groups, too.


    Lastly, for what it's worth, if you have more than 4 ppl on the flight, then unless _everyone_ is already _very_ familiar with standard pattern arrivals and spacing, you may consider only having 3-4 ppl in the pattern at any given time and have the remainder circle until everyone is down, then have the next 'group' enter the pattern.


    I only suggest that because if you do have a great turnout, I promise you it will become a source of frustration when you're trying to land as a large group.


    Thanks for your suggestions Keith!


    About the altitude - yeah, my fault, I fixed that to 5500ft.

  3. Sounds like lots of fun Mike. In my experience it only takes a handful of people flying GA aircraft together to have a great time!


    Great! Hope to see you on one of our events!



    i will like to join along. what aircrafts is everyone flying?


    Any small prop. C150\172\182, Piper Cub, Piper Cherokee, the Beaver, anything you like, really! We don't need all the aircrafts to stick together like a formation, and it will look cool anyway, a bunch of people flying VFR from A to B.

  4. 1. Title: when I read that, my first thought was that this is only for Piper pilots and I was just about to move on...

    The title comes from the name of the airport, and i hardly think we're gonna change it .


    2. Timing. I live on the left coast. So, Saturday mornings at 10:00 am I am out grocery shopping. You may want to tweak that

    Yep, i guess we'll change the time of the very first flight and all the next flights too.

    3. Be happy if you find 2 or three other flyers at first. That way the whole thing is more manageable and you can learn from the experience.

    Sure, we're not expecting much from the very beginning.

    4. Marketing. Make sure you take pictures during the flight and post them in the "General Screenshot" forum, alluding to the recurring VFR event.

    We're definitely gonna do that!




  5. Piper Memorial Flying Club



    For all those VFR enthusiasts out there, we have group VFR flights every Saturday, starting from October 25th! The main purpose of the Club is to unite the people that enjoy flying VFR and populating VFR flight among the VATSIM network. You won't be alone among all those big birds above you anymore!

    All necessary information is provided for each event. We will have voice chat running over TeamSpeak, and IRC chat is available at any time.


    We are not a Virtual Airline, and everybody is welcome to join any of our events! You just need to have the understanding of the VFR flight in the United States airspace.


    So, the first event is planned for Saturday, October 25th, departure time is 3:00pm EST. Its a short 30-40 minutes flight from Lock Haven, PA (LHV) to Harrisburg, PA (MDT).




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