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  1. GOOGLE "domain name registrars" and you will be presented with a plethora of choices. I for one have used GODADDY.COM
  2. Leadership?...Mascot? I thought this was a hobby.
  3. I suspect many, many members are downloading, installing and registering. Makes for a very slow time.
  4. At the moment I am extremely ignorant as to what your point has been, and am feeling extremely blissful. Am I ignorant about what goes on behind the scenes at VATSIM....probably. More importantly...do I care??? Not a lick. Am I a poor citizen of the world for thinking this way? I would have to say no.
  5. Delaware's Air Force has a number of 130's at KILG. Be neat if they got the upgrade. I am guessing guard units may be down on the list though.
  6. I think it happens when the janitor trips over the CAT5 patch cord.
  7. Vic... As far as livery, I left you a reply on DC3 Airways forum
  8. Sounds like a reasonable request too me. Hopefully a SUP or two will chime in on this one.
  9. Well..maybe you should go to a teacher and see if it's possible to start a Virtual Aviation Club. If VATSIM had representives in a fraction of the schools it would increase the population of pilots and controllers by leaps and bounds.
  10. Since the brochure has already been designed and the time "wasted" (your words), why even ask? Not all of us like to sit in front of a computer and read straight from the screen. Sometimes it's nice to print and read something of interest. Since a lot of the controllers are of school age, what would be wrong with members printing a few and handing them out to friends and family? Many people on the outside are aware of Flight Simulator, but I would venture to guess that lee than half of them are aware of VATSIM. The brochure is not only information on the academy, but can be used for geneal adv
  11. Arguing about it here will get you nowhere. I would suggest emailing those at VATUSA who are in charge of such things to get your point across.
  12. Hmmm... I think "Jet Blast"...or "Prop Wash" might better suit, but I do understand the connection. Not sure if our yoiunger members will.
  13. Whatever you do, don't leak it to the NY Times...they can't keep a secret.
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