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  1. Christoph, It's a real pity you decided to go that way, because - IMHO of course - Accomeap, in it's current state, is simply not a suitable replacement for VatSpy. Would you please make the latest VatSpy update available again for download? Thanks.
  2. Todd, check out UT Live - they have a huge number of FSX-native models that are fully compatible with P3D v4.x. Just don't use the "AI" part of UT Live when flying on VATSIM. I have it completely disabled by commenting out the entry in the add-on.xml file, because I only fly on VATSIM. - Bill
  3. Well, for one thing, WoAI models are not compatible with P3D v4.x... many/most are FS9 models that are no longer supported. Yep, a hard truth that we just have to accept. I can't speak for UT2 (as I don't own that), but I have been using UT Live + v4.1 with no issues whatsoever; the developers say all the models are FSX-native and hence compatible. - Bill
  4. I've been using UT Live for models, they are fairly up-to-date and compatible with P3D V4.x - Bill
  5. Thanks for the explanation Ross, I'll learn to live with it. - Bill
  6. Allow me to clarify: I don't want vPilot changing the mode on startup, ever. i.e. I only want it to READ the value from the sim, not SET the value in the sim. Catch what I mean now? I presume this must be possible, since vPilot detects when I change the transponder in the sim. Thanks, - Bill
  7. The plane remains in standby. I wonder, though: Why does vPilot bother remembering the mode when it last exited?? I never want vPilot to change the mode unless I explicitly ask it to do so... can you at least make this an option? Thanks, - Bill
  8. Hi Ross, I don't doubt that's the case... but in my instance, Mode C is being enabled even if I exit vPilot with Mode C disabled... Is there a debug log I can collect that will help pinpoint the cause? I am running the latest Beta channel version. Thanks, - Bill
  9. Using PMDG 747 QotS II in P3D 4.1, FSUIPC 5.121b. When I start vPilot, mode C is being automatically engaged. I simultaneously see the switch on the 747 radio stack being turned from Stby to TA/RA. Plane is on the ground, and I also have the "Automatically squawk mode C on takeoff" disabled. Any idea what is going on here? Thanks, - Bill
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