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  1. As in you didn't know what TMI to put into nattrak? or you had a problem putting the TMI in?
  2. Today, pilots will receive confirmation if they received a slot in our CTP lottery - some time after 1900 UTC. At 2000 UTC remaining slots will open up for people to book - these slots are ones that didn't match with anyone's pair and time preferences. If you didn't get a slot Please check the bookings page and select anything still available. People will also drop slots over the next week, so occasional/regular checking of the bookings page and you might get lucky. We tend to lock all the slots on the afternoon before the event (23rd April) and allow no further changes/bookings.
  3. You are now able to submit your preferences to be entered into our slot lottery: https://ctp.vatsim.net/reservation. You have from now until 2300 UTC on 13th April to submit your preferences. I'm writing this post to explain what is available and how the lottery works therefore enabling you to make an informed choice as to what to select. To maximise your chance, I suggest you read my guidance on route pairs and times. How does the lottery work? After the 7 days are over, we will process out everyone's choices at random* and allocate out as many slots as possible. After this, we will op
  4. Cross The Pond: Westbound 2021 I am excited to open our discussion thread relating to CTP Westbound 2021. For those not familar, Cross the Pond (almost exclusively referred to as 'CTP' throughout VATSIM) is the longest running and largest event on the VATSIM network. We run 2 events every year, flying 'Westbound' from Europe to North/Central America at the start of the year and 'Eastbound' in the other direction towards the end of the ear. We are proud to connect some of the most popular airports on VATSIM over an event easily lasting 10-12 hours.
  5. Mark I've never been one for posts like this, however having your thoughts, support and friendship has been special. You already know my thoughts of your value over years before I arrived, to years after I left the BoG. Best wishes from a VATSIM intern by comparison to your contribution.
  6. Detailed report sent to Justin via email. X Plane: 11.50b5 X Pilot: Sends message to the frequency whenever receives a message (either PM or frequency)
  7. The only difference I can see between the code sets is that it handles the errors differently and it fills out the config file for you in the source. Therefore, it's fairly safe to [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ume you filled out something wrong in the config.
  8. I'm also going to be there! It will be great to meet several of you in person. Just looking throught he programme on the website, I'm looking forward to the "day in the life" ones especially (Eurocontrol/Heathrow). Has everyone seen the updated programme?
  9. 29th and 30th July 2017 Website and Bookings The organisers of Connexion 2017 are pleased to announce the first confirmed programme items for the weekend of 29th and 30th July 2017. In addition to the below, we have several more talks planned and will announce them when confirmed over the coming weeks. (In no particular order) SimFest The fantastic SimFest team who own and operate a 747 simulator raising money charity each year as participants of World Flight will bring a no-doubt entertaining segment in our event as they explain how they constructed their simulator and how they
  10. I will add a brief history of broadcasts (last 6 hours?) to one of the upcoming web interfaces.
  11. Feel free to observe on the ground in a plane. Typically we suggest you login at a gate and file a local flightplan, with comments indicating that you're new and you're listening in. Before you do, have a look with a tool like VATSPY, vattastic or on Stats so that you can log in where there is ATC and preferably a few aircraft. As long as you're at a gate, not on top of anyone else and not moving around, it won't be an issue. Try to figure out how to check your private messages early. If you stay there for a while you may well get a few people asking you what you're doing. A simple ex
  12. Strange ... I don't remember building a plugin system for VRC ... Beat me to it
  13. I don't think it's ever done that.
  14. If you find anything that needs an update on the site (e.g. broken links), Mark Richards does most of the maintenance and updates of our main site (see BoG contact page for VP Ops).
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