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  1. I get the OOM error all the time (I didn't used to however!), usually when I do my return flight to Heathrow as the airports I typically fly to have no add-on scenery. It seems to cause a problem if I change views from panel view to VC for example, but if I keep it in panel view I can land safely and taxi to the gate without flight sim freezing with the OOM message. It's not ideal but it works for me...
  2. Dont see why not, obviously they'll update books with the latest technology but its worth buying, have a search round ebay, usualy some quite good stuff from there
  3. www.thomsonflyvirtual.co.uk Not quite open yet (just simple forums for our "potentual pilots" to join) but we will be doing a service for FSX users that want to fly multi-crerw, will be offering training docs of procedures written by a friend of mine and real world pilot, to ensure its high quality.
  4. First Q - No, out of range Second Q - Yep, you could go to say Gatwick, listen to them through ground all the way up to london control
  5. could you post some screenshots of the UK with X-Plane please? Also, what aircraft do you get default?
  6. I was just having a look at the X-Plane global scenery and boy does it look GREAT! http://www.global-scenery.org/ For those of you that have X-Plane: How good is the default mesh/scenery? How good is the default aircraft? Can you get add-ons? This add-on mesh/scenery, how much does that effect frame rates? Any other general X-Plane info and stuff would be appriciated. Cheers, Martin
  7. Yep, all at the same resolution, still does it
  8. Found the problem, need a fix. Problem: when i undock the main panel and put it on my 2nd screen the problem starts. its perfect when there as normal with one screen being used. Anyone got any ideas how to fix this? maby another video card? a old PIC (not PCI-E) card for the old CTR screen for the main panel?
  9. In need of some help. My flight sim has just started doing this (no idea why), every min or so it will stick (like the frame rates have done to 1 for a split second), the mouse sticks to so its not just FS. Even now (FS is open) if i move my mouse icon around the screen it will stick now and again. Any idea of the problem/fix? gfx card temp is quite high.... 70-75!!! i can also hear some sound coming from the hard drive i think it is... Cheers, Martin EDIT - just took a flight from inverness to dublin, the frame rates are set to 35 and hover around 30-35, they dont drop
  10. Actually, XP x64 edition isn't Longhorn. XP x64 Edition is a branch of Windows Server 2000 for the x86-64 architecture. Same build, even. Longhorn is something totally different altogether, including the name. Longhorn is now Windows Vista. BL. Hey, you learn something new everyday. cheers Although I did know about the Windows Vista, I'll still be calling it Longhorn as I like that name better. lol Cheers, Martin
  11. Thanks Ruth. I registered and am awaiting a confirmation email from an "admin".
  12. Hello, When will the mentoring page be back open on vat-uk.org ??? I've been waiting for almost a week and still nothing. I can't do ATC without it!!! Hopefully it will be back soon. Anyone know? Cheers, Martin
  13. Can anyone get on the VATSIM-UK website? I can't for some reason....page not found is the message I get...
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