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  1. Hey guys, Korean Standard Time is UTC+9. Same as Japanese Standard Time. It is approximately 12 Hrs ahead of the US EST (13 Hrs when DST in effect). We always have our weekly event going on every saturday 1200Z. The event itself is not always heavily staffed (usually center & TMA) but you can expect service volume going up quite significant as the night progresses in Korea. When it come to the English language issue, yes unfortunately most of our controllers are not upto par compared to native English speakers but I can [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ure you that the service quality w
  2. Mr. Carlson, I am terribly sorry to bother you like this again. However, Mr. Woo does not have the TWRTrainer file that you distributed and our divisional director quit just few weeks ago. I am an instructor-in-charge for VATSIM Korea and also VATKOR3. If I may, I want to request the file to be sent one more time to our temporary divisional director Mr. Joseph Han, or to me. My email is leeaf7[at]gmail[dot]com and Mr. Han's email is socal[dot]han[at]gmail[dot]com Thank you very much. Best Regards,
  3. Thanks Ross. However, our director has resigned recently Can you send it to our temporary divisional director Mr. Han? his address is socal[dot][email protected][dot]com Thanks! Best Regards,
  4. Hey Ross, this is Jewon, the ATM for Incheon vACC. I am in charge of new controller training for VATSIM Korea also. Dumb question: what is the exact location I download this TWRTrainer? Please let me know. leeaf7[at]gmail[dot]com Thank you. Best Regards,
  5. Roge. But really, do you think you guys can work things out with VATROC within the network? Not being sarcastic but really, out of curiosity and interest in a possible new division of VATASIA.
  6. Mr. Hsu, First of all, Mr. Han, you are right. I somehow misunderstood your comment. Think it as how I see what's really wrong in the division. As I said before in the last post, I don't think it's not just because we have so little number of controllers. The problem lies deeper than that I believe. Second of all, I did not intend to be aggressive on ya. I just wanted to make this dicussion short, sweet, and, straight-to-the-point. Frankly, I don't care if you are chinese or taiwanese. You all are same controllers and pilots to me and other Koreans. What I am really concerned abou
  7. Well, regarding your criticism that VATKOR is not taking their domestic pilots seriously: We do value our a few but precious domestic pilots. In my honest opinion, we may have a best training resource available on the web showing how to connect into the VATSIM network and how to communicate effectively with ATCs online. VATKOR1, Mr Choi, did a fantastic job writing those material. However, the biggest problem we have for VATKOR is that most pilots and even few controllers are not willing to learn and comply with rules. As an ATC instructor, I don't expect you memorize the entire 71
  8. Mr. Hsu, Well, first of all, I am not sure that VATPRC is actually recognized by the VATSIM network as a division. You may want to be a little careful what you call yourself. Back to the point: I don't care if you are Chinese or Japanese. This is an effort to desperately increase VATKOR's traffic count and also VATASIA's one. One thing, however, you may already know that VATKOR has a close tie with VATROC also. I have heard lots of things regarding your side and VATROC side. VATKOR would like to accept your offer strictly based on one condition: People's Republic of China A
  9. Nicholas, That is also a good point and that is reason why I am suggesting this idea. Inevitably we are blocked from USA or European region due to the time difference. Also, the numbers of users in Asian region is somewhat restricted than North American region. By combining both Korean and Japanese traffic (and in the future maybe Hong Kong traffic also), we would have more traffic volume for each country and make stuff simply... more FUN! As I said before, It is a Win-Win strategy. Regards,
  10. To whom in charge of VATJPN event coordination: My name is Jewon Lee, an instructor of VATKOR Seoul Approach. I am here to write a suggestion for both us and our Japanese collegue about possible events we can set up. As you may know, VATASIA region is suffering a big loss in traffic count past few months or years and VATKOR is no exception. These days we rearely see any traffic in the Asian region except Saturday or Friday night. Unlike countries like the United States or region like European region, we are, for geographic reason, at under-previledged stand. Most domestic flights take
  11. You know, VATSIM of Korea contacted VATGOV numerous times to fix our METAR report problem for local airport (such as RKSW RKSM) but we have not succeeded to get any kind of solution either. I don't know, but it feels like we are outsiders.
  12. Hey guys and developers, I am one of the instructors for VATSIM-Korea region and I have been unable to use this fantastic program due to some kind of error I can't figure it out. This is what I did: 1. I installed ACSim 1.0 and unchecked Run ACSim now and clicked Finish. 2. I powered my ASRC, connected, set the voice setting. 3. Clicked to start ACSim. Then it give me this warning message and I can't run it: "The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000135). Click on OK to terminate the application." Developers, any chance you guys and gals know
  13. Folks, This is Jewon Lee, VATKOR8 and RCRP. I hereby declare that I am soon leaving this region and stepping down from positions I have taken within VATASIA. I myself was living, getting training all in the United States and decided that it is most beneficial for me to puruse a VATSIM career in the VATUSA. I, however, will log in time to time as a controller in Korea and will not lose touch with you guys. Finally, thanks for being so helpful and I hope to see you soon again. I won't forget you and I will miss a good time I have been having in the past. Best Regards, Je
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