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  1. Hi all, I just downloaded the latest greatest VatSpy (1.3.3) and when I start it I get the start up screen, but it goes away and I'm left with just the icon in the taskbar. Hovering over the icon just shows a black box as the window preview... Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
  2. I'd love it if it were possible to have two PTT triggers... I normally use right shift as my PTT button, but I also have a USB foot pedal that won't support right shift (only has one shift selection). I'd love to be able to continue to use right shift on my keyboard and then have my foot pedal assigned to something like F20 to also trigger PTT. Thanks and keep up the good work. Andrew
  3. Hey! Really excited about VatSys. Can't wait to start playing with it. I'd love the ability to download the current NAT and PACOTS tracks so they could be displayed on the scope. I know this is probably way down the list of things to add, but I thought I'd add it to the list. Thanks!
  4. Hi all, Has anybody had success running vATIS on a Mac using Parallels? I've installed it, but I'm getting errors when I try to connect to the server.
  5. Did you ever get this figured out? We had what seems like a very similar problem tonight. Multiple controller tried putting up the KOAK atis, but all you heard over voice was "Metro Oak.." and then nothing. We tried restarting vATIS, tried different people putting up the atis,etc. We were all using
  6. This is happening at KOAK tonight.. multiple controllers trying to put up atis.. Only get a snippet of voice "Metro Oak.." TX light lighting up, but nothing transmitting
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