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  1. Justin Justin: Feature request(or fix? ) The ATIS detail line has the raw metar. (Example 21009 A3000) The Voice atis was correctly reporting the winds as [email protected] ( 10degree magvar correction) However the top summay line has 21009 A3000(directly from the metar). So the controller still has to do the mental magvar subtraction ( or addition). This is not a big deal, but since this is a summary line, it would be nice if it also applied the magvar correction and showed the Magnetic wind direction to coincide with the vox. Thoughs ? Thanks, Bruce Carson
  2. Would it be possible to get an alias field that would retrieve the 'selected' aircraft's current scratchcode value ?
  3. I've been using tower trainer to develop training scenarios .I Have the TWRTrainer airport file from my traffic manager. It is very basic and only has a few of the major taxi ways. I want to add more taxiways and parking spots. I have most of this working, however I am having a laborious time getting the new taxiways to 'intersect'. I understand that I have to specify a common intersection point on any two taxiways/runways that would intersect ( can't just draw a start/end point and have TWRTrainer figure out the lat /lon where they cross... hint). I am using VRC and the Sector file. I u
  4. Is this different from V1.x ? The IVAO MTL were supported in that release. Is this a new IVAO restriction? - Alternatives?
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