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  1. The ID recorded by vatsim is not mine, I try all my email to recover this ID but I can't find. When I try to add a friend with this ID it dosen't exist My ID is another Simbio#1742
  2. Thank's for reply I am sorry but this is what I got! The ID recorded by vatsim is not mine, I try all my email to recover this ID but I can't find. My real ID is Simbio#1742 Any way I contact the support of discord and hope to sort-out this situation
  3. Hi Normally Discord on the browser create a new account and you can claim it afterwords. This make a mess in case you already use discord as an App or an exe. If join Vatsim with this system you fall in this trap, and you can't logout and kill this account in vatsim ssd. I my self fall right now in this mechanism and I can't fix. I get used to join server like those link https://discord.gg/hTKzmak https://discord.gg/cool-people
  4. I am writing this as my personal opinion I am disappointed on the new Pilot Rating System. I am part of the Vatsim training program in my division with a rank of P4 and an S3 as an ATC. We saw those changes coming in just two months with email and info. We understand by reading the new policy that the level of demand to archive those new rankings has become really difficult for people that apply in their spare time and mostly on budget simulation. Even for us, trainer the demand for knowledge and software licence is really too much to ask and in terms of privacy we face many barriers
  5. The 4th biggest event in Italy, two days, for 9 hours every day, ATC always available to fly in/out of Verona , Venice all VACC of Padua and Milan , realistic procedures and much fun for everyone! This event will be held from a stand at https://www.modelexpoitaly.it/en/ LIPZ Charts: VATUED API Scenery payware FSX:Simmarket Scenery Freeware X10:x-plane.org Scenery Freeware FSX:Avsim LIPX Charts: VATUED API Scenery payware FSX:Simmarket Scenery Freeware FSX:after registration Scenery Freeware X10:x-plane.org
  6. Merry Christmas to all of you, Vatita will gift you with surprise coverage. So you will find ATC all over the Area Control Centres and some other random airports. Hope you join us and have some fun to add to the Christmas spirit. Some payware airport Fiumicino payware scenery Malpensa payware scenery
  7. We invite all cargo hauler to a special night. We will organize ATC for the top Italian airports, for cargo operations. Time to load your goods and ship to or from Italy, we hope to see lot's old heavy iron. Friday 7th December 2018 20.00-22.00z (21.00-23.00lcl) LIMC+LIME+LIPE Scenery payware FSX-P3D:Aerosoft Malpensa LIMC Scenery payware FSX-P3D:JETSTREAM DESIGNS - MILANO LINATE LIML Scenery payware FSX-P3D:Aerosoft Bologna LIPE Scenery payware FSX-P3D:Aerosoft LIME Scenery Freeware FSX:Malpensa LIMC-2011
  8. Join us to visit Sicily, with full ATC available to fly in/out from Palermo,Catania and Trapani on the 23th of November. The most beautiful Italian island is ready to receive people from around the world. All Pilots are invited to fly IFR and VFR. Freeware scenery is available Here FSX P3D LICJ Here FSX LICC Payware Here P3D-FSX LICJ Here P3D-FSX LICC
  9. After spending a nice holiday this summer and seeing fly some WW2 aircraft for the future tv series "Catch 22", I thought why not do a big event where we invite everybody to fly VFR or IFR in every Sardegna airport under ATC? So charts on board and connect to VATSIM to fly over this magnificent Island. LIEO Charts & Scenary: LIEO Aerosoft LIEO Freeware AVSIM Photoreal GENERAL INFO AERODROME SID STAR APPROACH LIEE Charts & Scenary: LIEE SIMMARKET LIEE Freeware AVSIM Photoreal GENERAL INFO AERODROME SID STAR APPROACH LIEA Charts & Scenary: LIEA Freeware GENER
  10. Ladies and Gentlemen, It's a pleasure to invite you, to another cityhub between Paris and Rome. We will provide full ATC services to/from Fiumicino (LIRF) and Ciampino (LIRA) all the way to La Ville Lumiere. LFPG Charts: Vatfrance Payware Scenery:Simmarket Free Scenery very nice :Avsim For LIRF charts and airport scenery: Charts: VATUED API Scenery payware FSX:Aerosoft Scenery Freeware FSX:Newscenerygroup
  11. Hello everyone! Good news from Germany and Italy! On every second monday of the month we will open Malpensa and Dusseldorf. You can expect full ATC coverage on your flight. It will be a great experience! Charts & Scenery For Dusseldorf Charts for Malpensa. Scenery: payware aerosoft and freeware
  12. Dear pilots, Join us for a coast to coast, between Reggio Calabria and Nice, you can choose the spectacular approach to the French Riviera or the famous Italian kai-Tak approach in Reggio city. Don't forget the charts on board and of course your crew and we will organize Full ATC all the way. Have fun and safe landing. LICR charts :VATUED API LICR FSX free :Simaviation LFMN charts:vatfrance LFMN FSX Free:AVSIM
  13. Friday 25th May 2018 16.00-21.00z (18.00-23.00lcl) Ladies and Gentlemen, It's a pleasure to invite you, to Milan Overload. We will provide full ATC services and do our best for Malpensa (LIMC), Linate (LIML) and Bergamo (LIME) airports, you might want to prepare for some holdings! For LIMC charts and airport scenery: Charts for Malpensa Scenery: payware aerosoft Scenary:freeware For LIML charts and airport scenery: Charts for Linate Scenery: payware JETSTREAM Scenary:freeware Napulevola
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