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  1. The FAA has since changed the fine to be higher (it was only $33K because it was $1000/day - it's $10K/day now). Additionally, they had to pay back the misappropriated funds (to the tune of about $1M), which were used to destroy the field, instead of improve it. Most towns and cities don't have that kind of money. Even the towns/cities with a generally stupidly vocal anti-noise population usually have some sort of intelligence to keep the airport around for the economic incentives. ...usually. (Looking at you SMO and various SoCal localities...)
  2. It may be "Super Uncool," but according to just about every language guide out there, it's "Super Correct." Don't let colloquial use throw you off guard. Other common language stupidity seen as "correct" when it isn't, at all: -Comfterble (comfortable should be pronounced "comfort-able") -Nuculer (nuclear is pronounced "new-clear") -Hyper-foreignisms like habañero instead of habanero (I believe that jalapeno is the same, but I don't speak Spanish - I've given up on correcting people's German loan words) -Various redundancies, like PIN number, VIN number, and ATM machine -"...a whole
  3. Afternoon everyone. I was stabbing around for contact info for Gander/Moncton and I couldn't find any. Could anyone point me in the direction of their contact information? Thanks!
  4. To be honest, I almost think a lot of the management hates the idea of anything near realism nowadays because they can't (or don't want to) live up to it on their own. It feels like they like the game aspect, so why would anyone ever want realism? The fact that most of the feedback we receive is from pilots, citing how a controller wasn't realistic enough (read: pilots want realism), and most controller students voluntarily delve into the 7110 to refine their skill (read: controllers want realism), doesn't affect them in the least. They want to cater to the minority here, because that's all
  5. Seconded, and thirded...though I'm hesitant to mention third anything at this point...
  6. ...but that's exactly the problem (and similarly, issues all over the public sector and government here in the US): There's this [Mod - Happy Thoughts]umption that the management or higher ups should come to a consensus, and only after that point, tell the underlings, or those directly involved. Why not get feedback from those controlling day-to-day, not just management? Involve those directly involved, first, or at least take a sampling of them. Talk to those who are going to actually be affected by it most in the operational environment. In a network of volunteers, why would yo
  7. ...but what can we do when everything seems to happen behind the scenes, under secrecy, and without the involvement of the very people who would be forced into whatever is decided here? In the end, by not involving the very controllers who would be the face of this policy, you're bringing it upon yourself. Fact of life. Bring us in, let us know what's going on, and help us help you. Blind hysteria is brought down by information. If we don't have it, expect the discussion to go wild. Like my father always said, if you feel like you have to keep people in the dark, chances are wha
  8. I'm with the rest on that. Sure, Centers are most visible, but when I'm setting up a flight, the only thing I care about is ATC at departure and destination. The centers in between are of no consequence at all, and to be fully honest, if I know all they'll do is say "hi" and "bye" without any other instructions, I just see them as an obstacle.
  9. For what it's worth, I think I made a pretty objective post earlier, citing nothing FAA-wise, simply pros and cons related directly to VATSIM. Nowhere in there did I cite realism.
  10. That's pretty cool. Reminds me of the way it's done on another network, which seems to work pretty well.
  11. ...andlikesuchas? NORCAL/SOCAL/Potomac and that lot don't count. The only reason they do that is they're covered by one facility in the real world. He's talking about a situation where I'd log on as DCA_APP to control the full PCT, in addition to ROA_APP and the others that may be 200nm away.
  12. Okay, let's use a more "PC" example, shall we? We need to learn from the mistakes of the past. The Roman Empire fell because it was spread too thin. Let's not spread our resources too thin here.
  13. Advantages: -More coverage for pilots -More traffic for controllers -More control for centers where the adjacent center has the initial descent Disadvantages: -More training for controllers, in an already slim C1 pool -More SOPs to remember -Traffic could easily become too much to handle -Top down services would suffer, in the above case -Logistics of training would be a mess -Logistics for the progression of controllers would be a mess -Requirements of controllers is yet defined (If I'm part of N90, can I control ZDC airports only, or am I required to control others now?)
  14. I like how they're all referred to as centers, properly, except N90, which is a TRACON. Good job on that fail. And no. Stupid idea.
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