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  1. How do you guys remove the sidebars on your vStars so it's just the top menu and your scope?
  2. A PHP ISAPI DLL has been available for quite a while. Excuse my ignorance, never looked into it myself.
  3. You know how people are; they hate everything Microsoft just because its Microsoft. I also have been looking into nodejs which looks like a pretty cool technology. I am always fairly cheap when it comes to my hosting being a college student and all so not sure I'd get to use it anytime soon. I get my microsoft hosting with 10 MSSQL and 10 MYSQL databases for like $6 a month with Arvixe. They are very consistent, and offer the best windows hosting for this price I could find. Can't IIS run PHP now too?
  4. Interesting... are you using built-in DLLs for the audio codecs and things?
  5. Yeah, big time ... not only can it dramatically increase the size of your pages (through both javascript and the viewstate data) but whenever a call is made to the server to update a panel, the entire page is posted and refreshed behind the scenes, and the .net JS libraries just update the DOM for the one panel that was submitted. The rest is thrown away. (Wasted) You might want to take a look at ASP.net MVC ... it doesn't have these issues, and doesn't get in the way of doing your own client side coding. I have glanced at MVC's framework, definitely different; but really clean. For V
  6. At my work we do have some fairly good resources available, I'm trying to move to a more client-side methodology in my development. I used to use Javascript and various js libraries a ton, but I ended up using built in .net controls for such things. I think it would really clean up my pages to let the client do some of the work. Most of the front-end work .net does is Javascript anyways, but it outputs it into files and things that are highly un-manageable. What I really need is a good AJAX book to learn to write out my own Ajax requests myself! From what I've read, it seems that multiple
  7. Not going to even start the ole' .net vs php debate (as fun as that is), but glad to see other developers using it. I figured PHP is more common because simply put; it's free. However, .net isn't exactly expensive either for a personal use. As a college student, I get VS2010 for free from Microsoft, but you can get Visual Web Developers (while not as robust as VS) to develop some basic applications. I end up using MySQL for many web applications with .net just because I'm familiar with it. MySQL released the .net connector which adds great functionality; even a MSSql compatibility mode. I'
  8. Ross, this post is more of exploratory nature; not towards a specific goal. I was referring to application-integration such as for Fs P[Mod - Happy Thoughts]engers and like programs. I'm unfamiliar with VATSIM's data feed, but I [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ume its using something like XML, or JSON, so then it should be non-language specific. I know you are writing Vstars in C# so you'd probably be the best person for info on the subject. Do you see .net used much in VATSIM?
  9. Hey all, I am curious about utilizing the .net development (C#) environment and VATSIM. Obviously PHP is more popular in this arena (for various reasons), but I much prefer .net. Does anyone use this for their ARTCCs website? I don't think I have found one yet utilizing asp.net, but then again I probably haven't looked hard enough. If you could link me that'd be great; I'd like to see how the technology is used for this type of development. Most APIs for flight sim are written in PHP so I realize it might be hard to interface, but I think some of the .net tools could come very handy!
  10. Hey guys, I am running a vista system on my laptop, and have been experiencing very weird issues with VRC and Squawkbox. Here is an image of a recent finding when trying to log onto center: http://img29.imageshack.us/img29/5157/brokescope.jpg Here is a picture of my squawkbox: http://img690.imageshack.us/img690/8255/brokesquawkbox.jpg The VRC problem with the communications box is a new development. I can't click any of the boxes or select any frequencies. Now the squawkbox is where it gets really weird. As you see, there are very weird characters [Mod - Happy Thoughts]igned
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