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  1. By the way, hello again Andreas after a long time 🙂 . Yes I could have spot this issue myself by read the airport altitude earlier, be more observant to the extreme low assignment compare to the ideal. In addition I should have got MDA warning before decent even more. Nevertheless this is a quick waking up situation for my full intention to never crash at VATSIM. However there are other scenario with topography that could have been more difficult for the pilot to avoid and be aware the vectoring problem leads to crash. Best regards !
  2. It has happened me more than once that with the current heading it will be impossible to intercept at the published 4600 feet in your case. But ATC has assigned a lower level instead of re-vector around. And yes I have contact VACC, just wanted first to be sure it is unrealistic, that's a generic question, right 🙂
  3. It's not a VATSIM sarcasm from my side, I'm not an educated pilot, 1000h is hobby-flying. I can't argue with VACC but just mention I'm surprised. I just must to be sure if it is ever possible or not to give instructions this way ? All in all it does not affect VATSIM at all, but just to know the avionics fact. Some rare unreal issues is nothing if just to know for sure what it should have been. EDIT: Anyway I got other clear answers in other forums and I've sent the issue discrete to VACC to contact me (if they need to know details).
  4. Hello again forum after a long time 🙂 After flying 1000h at VATSIM, just learning by doing, the most odd ATC thing happened me. During approach in Europe after cleared ILS but before captured, I was told, "Decent 2000 feet. (nothing more)" little suspicious since the highest ILS capture was 4500 feet, but I convinced myself that capture will be much closer to the airport then. Lucky the visibility was clear and I saw the frightening treetops 😰, then looking at the aerodrome chart, airport altitude is 1900 feet. I called ATC and kindly but seriously questioning, mentioned t
  5. Yes I'm not in a hurry I wait first 48 h, (in case an update been triggered by my data-server log on.) If it not help, I'll change my p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]word and then wait 48 h again. (this must trig an update or something is permanent wrong) Thank's for help Best regards Lennart Vedin
  6. Thank you for reply. Yes I check for all three. - Have not join, re-create or changed anything by myself. - Only digits in both user and p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]word. Login at data-server works. - It is just the digits, no white-char. Maybe I should force an update by "Reactivate your account" and wait (don't know if an already active account can be forced). Or suggested to contact admin if nothing help , (how) ?
  7. Hello An audio failur message comes after connection, I confirm connection due to I see present connection message, Welcome and ATC at the list. Message: [17:06:50] Error connecting to voice server: Connect failed (Unauthorized - {"type":https:tools.ietf.org/html/rfc7235" #section-3.1","title":"Unauthorized","status":401,"traceId":"|f2f06d7f-4bc29058961ef593."}) I read about case-sensitive, but my user/p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]word is digits only (as the original VATSIM only option, 6 digits/5 digits). Audio did work a month or so before VATSIM audio update. Now 2019-10-24, I first u
  8. I don't know all typical RL situations, but at VATSM when very dense traffic, things for me tend to go out of control a few times, make me avoid busy traffic. Example I am establish on localizer but still on approach frequency. I listen but here no transfer instruction, possible due to broken or bad mic/audio whatever, since I later read text-ATC was written me to contact tower. Regardless I [Mod - Happy Thoughts]umed lack of read-back shall mandatory result in a new call from ATC, but nope I just continue while radio is 100% busy. Just at 5 NM, I send "I'm on final SAS202" and ATC replied
  9. Perfect, I will look and try out how is works
  10. I mean look during run-time in the vPilot application or some console what TX frequency currently are selected for vPilot transmit. This would be useful to determine the actual frequency when switching radios etc from the flight-simulator. Since it is not clear in the flight-simulator environment.
  11. Thank's for replies Yes I mean a real airplane such as B737 has the capability to send at two channels simultaneously (not one single pilot). Is it possible in vPilot to monitor the active TX frequency, and the one or two active RX frequencies ?
  12. Ok, I got that vPilot VATSIM opportunities, thanks "but only one can be active for transmit at a time." A real airplane can send on both channels, so an accurate model has no selection to activate transmit separate, right.. So how works the selection i vPilot/VATSIM for the transmit channel if both VHF1 and VHF2 is selected as active in the airplane, and then PTT is activated ?
  13. I use only manual installation. In P3D you can put addon sceneries anywhere e.g. external HD. Each scenery can be put anywhere, by must be organized /Scenery and optional /Textures. In P3D you select location and activate/deactivate each scenery individual. In P3D you can configure the default addon scenery location.
  14. What COM radios can be used in VATSIM with vPilot ? In PMDG 737 I can select COM1 or COM2. So if I select COM2, what freq will be operatable with VATSIM, last selected COM1 or the new active COM2 ? The purpose with COM2 is just to have four pre-turned frequences.
  15. I have long time ago read at VATSIM to set transponder OFF when not on the runway ( i.e. default if no other instructions). Since VATSIM only have one transponder mode available, is that the rule or do the rule vary at airports ? I read other at Sweden vat-site: http://vatsim-scandinavia.org/pilots/airports/sweden/essa-stockholmarlanda/ "Use of transponder The [Mod - Happy Thoughts]igned transponder code shall be selected and the transponder activated at the request for push-back. After landing, the transponder shall remain activated until reaching the parking stand and be switched off
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