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  1. Dan.... www.dictionary.com Please start using it. I think this thread has run it's course. No amount of explaining to this person is going to have him realise that it is the dev's right to determine the price of their product.
  2. Try the following. This should provide the IP addresses you need. http://www.vatsim.net/data/who_vatsim.html
  3. If you are worried about your first connection I suggest the following... 1. Connect to a semi busy airport and park your A/C at the terminal 2. Sit there and watch for awhile. If your a pilot you will get the hang of what is going on quite quickly. Tune into some different freq's and have a listen to the banter... this is the way that I got into it... and it seems to help After you feel confident, or if you need to do this a couple of times, do so (remember to squawk standby so as to not affect the controllers) and then for a first flight, something nice and small... don't go larger instantly. Put in your flight plan also that it is your first Vatsim flight... the controllers will and should give you a hand! That all being said... have fun and read up on the instructional information found on the Vatsim website. The forums are designed for questions so if you have any fire away! Brad
  4. Also have to add that MSFS does not support Linux... Even though there is not a lot of offical support for X-Plane, it works very well on a linux platform after a little tweaking
  5. Afternoon all Has the Vatpac DNS been de-propergated? I have no way of being able to lookup the site at the present time and cannot connect. I have attempted looking up vatpac.org on multiple DNS servers just nothing to show is Uneeda... one of Telstra highest Domain Name Servers in Aus. It should techincally be able to look it up. Default Server: dnscache01.westnet.com.au Address: > vatpac.org Server: dnscache01.westnet.com.au Address: DNS request timed out. timeout was 2 seconds. DNS request timed out. timeout was 2 seconds. *** Request to dnscache01.westnet.com.au timed-out > server Default Server: uneeda.telstra.net Address: > vatpac.org Server: uneeda.telstra.net Address: DNS request timed out. timeout was 2 seconds. DNS request timed out. timeout was 2 seconds. *** Request to uneeda.telstra.net timed-out > Anyone able to find out what is going on as I don't think that this is my connection doing this. Brad
  6. DNS has now propergated so you should find everyone should now start to see the site again. Brad
  7. We can only hope... Chris and Quigs what OS's are you running... very strange that it is not working with the hosts file entry in you system set. Brad
  8. Clear all your cache in your browser. too had a little issue with mine after placing in the hosts file the IP address however a full cache and cookie clean out seemed to get it going for me. .org is notorious for taking a long time to propergate. Just the way things seem to be with it. > vatpac.org Server: uneeda.telstra.net Address: Non-authoritative answer: Name: vatpac.org Address: This is a nslookup using one of Telstra's highest domain name servers. It is one of the main ones in Aus and Generally is uneeda has it then most other DNS's will be able to resolve it also. As you can see it has not yet changed to the IP address that Norm has told us in the other thread. When it does... you will not need to use the hosts file anymore. Brad
  9. Dominic This has to do with DNS propergation not the webmaster. .org is always a problem when IP change....god knows why it sometimes seems like only one guy does it... but the webmaster may have requested quite some time ago for the change, and it may have been said that it would have been available at a certain time but these things happen when you are taking about DNS on a global scale. DNS inside a tiny network always is no issue, on the big cloud, it can take a little time. I would not be so hasty to fire something off towards people who are doing this for free. Remember this whole world is based on a hobby and there is nothing system critical about it all. It is nice to have everything there however some things take time. Also not my point about virtual servers. You can host multiple sites on one IP no problems. Brad
  10. They have re-propergated the site to a new IP address and it takes time for the site to appear correct in all the ISP's DNS. What you are doing (What Norm's shown you) will write into the hosts file the IP address of the sites now location which DNS does not yet have. The Hosts file basically works as your PC's own little DNS. Because the site will be hosted on a virtual host, you cannot just put in the IP as there maybe many sites running from that IP. This is where is get's cleaver. It uses the fact that you have looked for www.vatpac.org on that IP and then resolves the correct site from that. DNS is a hierarchal structure. It filters down through the DNS layers until your ISP's DNS knows where the site is located. This has not yet happened as unless you have put the entry in your hosts file, you will currently not get to the site. I would give it a couple of more days. From memory .org sites tend to take longer to get them re-propergated than say a .com site would. Brad
  11. It is for everyone. I would say that someone on the server just accidentally shutdown the mysql. Not a hard fix but someone will need to get onto the box and restart the sql service to get it working again. Brad
  12. The last couple of fly in's in Aus we have been using VOR or NDB Holds as everyone seems to arrive at the same time. It certainly makes it interesting when flying the little stuff without an FMC... FMC tends to be a little easier as you program the hold for the waypoint and then just tell it if you want right turns or left according to the charts. Without the FMC tends to sometimes get a little more tricky. It also makes it quite interesting for the controller online at the time as well. I highly recommend the practice as the sequencing that happens near an airfield with a Hold can at times get a little hairy. Almost resembles a gaggle of gliders in a thermal Brad
  13. Michael Which link do I need to press for those Airports?... sorry my German really stinks And babel does not translate pages very well when writteen in PHP. Bloody nice site though...very very nice layout....I just wish I could read it Brad
  14. Anyone know of a site which holds compatible Airports for Australia on X-Plane 8 I have found a lot of Scenery for US bases Airports, but none for Aus. Brad
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