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  1. Hey Bob, I also still using FS9 kinda for the same reasons as you. I also found out that ORD with it's MAJOR runway makeover there's no update available. SO it's gonna be fun flying into there! As far as weather, it's getting to be a real stickler for us on FS9. I so see much on the horizon as far a fixes. I was a squakbox buy until they stopped and had to go to SWIFT. Through their updates weather has been getting better. If you go on discord, maybe you can get some answers questions there also.
  2. Thanks for the information! Seeing as not much updates are going to be done as far as scenery, I may need to do my own. Looking at ORD, they've done some MAJOR work!!!
  3. Can anyone give me the coordinates for AVUTI intersection on NAT TRACK "A"?
  4. Caught that too. Is there a way that the entry points can have coordinates listed with them? Make it easier on finding the correct entry point.
  5. It's been quite sometime since I've flown a across the Atlantic and working on my FP to head back to the US. I know there were several back then (A-E) and now there's A-K. Of course the better then to to would fly the new ones. With that being said, are we only flying on the two NAT Tracks A & Z for the time being to emulate real world?
  6. I signed onto VRC to control but it's showing my "Text Only" and I can't click on the HDST box like before. What I miss? I didn't I'm using 1.2.6 version. ----------------- Forgot I needed the stand alone voice client.
  7. I have a filter setup to see my VA flight and other pilots with my VA. But when flying today, I didn't see my plane in the orange box. I restarted a few times and even tried new filter. Something go wrong?
  8. I ended up using a spare monitor I had around. Just cost me about $30 to get a new power cord and cable. Had to change fs9 back to windows mode and have SWIFT and other sim stuff on the 2nd monitor. I did figure out messaging on UNICOM.....lol. Thanks folks!
  9. Curious as to text chat while in flight for like UNICOM on VATSIM without having to minimize flightsim. Use the FS9 chat window?
  10. I just ran into this issue today. Luckily, the server down under hasn't changed as someone told me. It seems there's a .dll file for VATSIM in the SB files. Could that be changed there to change the IP? I didn't see an option to just change the IP like you can input your number.
  11. Anyone still use FSNav? Seems my info along the bottom of the screen (file name and LAT/LONG coordinates have somehow disappeared on me. Now sure what I did, but can't seem to find a key or click on something to get it back.
  12. Thanks. Will look into getting that then.
  13. Oh nuts. Sorry about not including the platform. I was looking for FS9. Ya know I think on the VA that had it, is where I got it from last time.
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