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  1. Simon, no it didn't correct it. However I have figured out if I start Voicemeeter after vPilot is started it works fine..
  2. I run voice meeter from VB-Audio to give me a virtual mixing console so I can redirect what desktop audio goes out over my twitch stream. Everything worked fine before the new voice update. Now when I tried to run voice meeter vPilot kicks out a System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException (0x8889000A) error. If I click the continue button vPilot starts and connects to network and I can see aircraft around me and do everything else. Voice just doesn't work. everything runs as admin, and I've made sure I have the 4.7.2 .net update as well. See the end of this message for de
  3. Got this update tonight... no change log however Could this be the prep work for the new voice client... maybe?
  4. For those who have not seen the Vatcan forum, Canada's unicom will stay the same as the rest of Vatsim 122.800
  5. Hey Kyle that link is to an email address. Is that right?
  6. I feel Vatcan should stick with 122.80, its been like this for ever. Everyone know about it. The major active airspace is with in a few miles of US airspace on 122.800 so you have lots of pilots taking off and coming in on the other freq. Why fix it when its not broken, this is one place where not following the real world has to be done, if Vatsim gave away free world charts to every pilot then we could all use the local unicom as per charts but I can't see that happening. Its just going to mess everyone up.
  7. I think with XP's firewall you have to go in to it and manual tell it to let a program get out the net. But i could be wrong it happens from time to time...
  8. AVG works great as well, and its free for home users
  9. Ross is right, Besides all the good software is free anyways SB3, FSInn, ASRC, VRC, servinfo, I could go on for days. Lets all hear it for the freeware guys
  10. It is a super progam, I do wish however the guy had a VA License you could buy. Its got all of these great settings for VAs to track pilots but it would behard to tell a VA pilot he has to spend $X to be a pilot. If I could spend $150 or so to by a VA license copy that my pilots could use for free when flying under a VA Callsign I do it. Humm maybe I need to post this some where else
  11. Is the new version out? Just downloaded the current one off your site and looks good. I have the Access database file that was created a few years back for building these files, but your way looks better. Question/Request for the next version, would be nice to beable to reopen a created file to make edits to it if needed.
  12. Humm, not sure whats up with this, the other INS with my FIR using the same sector files and ACSim files as me do not have this problem. Only thing is I'm running ASRC V1.2beta they are not.
  13. Yup put them on the GS. I'll have to look at it more by the sounds of it
  14. Yes and ASRC they land but keep moving acrossed the ground at 600 asl
  15. Subject says it all, the manual says they should delete them self at 100agl but mine never do.
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