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  1. Very sorry to see your resignation Martin. I wish you all the best in the future on behalf of the VATeir Team.
  2. Alex, in my opinion sarcasm should be left out if you are answering questions about an official VATSIM update. Its more professional.
  3. Hi Martin, Unfortunately I cannot access the website or the staff forum. Any idea when it may be back? Stephen
  4. Hi Sean, The best time to see ATC Online in Ireland is after 7pm local. Generally there will be some sort of ATC online. Also look at our up coming events as every Friday night there is ATC from 19:00 to 22:00 local at a variety of airports. Hope that helps, Stephen Murphy VATeir Director
  5. Thats what I mean the TMA takes the upper airspace aswell at times. As to when it does makes it confusing enough for a controller, so I pitty the pilots.
  6. Shouldn't that be TMA to FL660 or wherever it caps out? I've rarely had a TMA that didn't take high level traffic.
  7. Looking forward to the challenge over the next while!
  8. Congratulations and good luck to the 3 new instructors.
  9. Just to let you know, there is a comma at the end of the link that is included in the URL tags, leads to a broken page without taking it out. Website looks great though!
  10. We had a meeting last night and it was decided by the controllers that we wont have any regulation on the matter. I am against the radar handoffs to/from tower but the members spoke so thats our policy.
  11. This is something I see a lot of problems with. Where for a start some pilots keep local QNH above the TL and loose their 1000ft vertical separation in some cases. As part of a training initiative tonight I will be speaking to VATeir controllers about the importance of altimetry and make sure they know how to calculate QFE, TL's and see why it is important to do so.
  12. Cork will host the rolling weekly event this Wednesday from 17:00z onwards. Expect APP and TWR Online! www.vateir.com for more information.
  13. I find Boston controllers very friendly and any time I fly in the US I generally try and make a flight through KBOS. Keep up the good work guys!
  14. As a controller I generally see if pilots are on the ILS/Approach, if its 10nm I send a contact me, if its 6nm or less I dont bother till they are on the ground. As a pilot: I slow to 250 when below FL245 (Mach in use above) generally by the time I get to FL100 I would have just about gotten to 250kts aswell depending on rate of descent. Then about 220kts from FL80/60 (Based on FL60 as TL as used in Ireland) Once coming up on the ILS I am 180kts before I get to it, slow to 160 for the approach then reduce when closing in on the threshold (150 at 4 dme may be, as required really) It w
  15. Miles, have you never heard of Rainbows, pots of gold, the Irish and Leprechauns?
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