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  1. Absolutely!! I don't check the individual regional pages for stuff like this. Airventure should have been listed on the general events page. I'm damn sorry I missed it. Doug
  2. Been looking to participate in an Oshkosh fly-in this year but there doesn't seem to be anything out there. The one last year was great. Why nothing this year? Doug
  3. I am unable to access any SID or STAR charts for Canada. I get a mesage saying the sitge can not be accessed. Where do I find these charts? Doug
  4. When I try to open ServInfo, all I get is a blank home screen. I click on VATSIM to download the information and it says it can't find any servers. I try a bunch of different servers but still get nothing. Please help. Doug
  5. How to I get to the area you mentioned? Doug
  6. I tried opening VATSpy today and got an error message saying the program was closing down. Now, I can't even get it to open. It worked fine until today. I'm also running as Admin. Help. Doug
  7. Sorry for that post. I didn't scroll down far enough in the posts to see that this issue has been handled already. Again, I apologize. Doug
  8. When I try to start vPilot, I receive the following error: Unhandled Exception: Unable to obtain public key for StrongNameKeyPair. I have no idea what this means or how to fix it. Anyone know of a solution? Doug
  9. I am considering purchasing Prepar3d. Can it be used with VATSIM and FSInn? Doug
  10. When I installed the FSX Acceleration expansion pack, I no longer had access to any of my add-on aircraft. Any idea what would have happened? Doug
  11. I just rried to connect AVC to take a flight and a meessage popped up saying my "beta version has expired" and that I must download the current version. I wasn't aware that I had a beta version. I checked the docomeentation I downloaded alng with the software and it says nothing about it being a beta version. Can I get thie one to work or do I have to uninstall and downlaod again?
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