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  1. Buenas noches, many thanks for the Information regarding the ATC Caribean and the link for the cuban charts You guys are really fantastic providing me this vital info Now, I will have a closer look to the different regions and soon contact Staff to enjoy learning and keeping forward with anything that comes a long with such a nice job. Thank you very much , Greets, Simon
  2. Hello, Thank you for the fast answer Yes I can understand the amount of work getting charts, scanning them,...Now I can understand the problem with getting charts. I never thought about this, I guessed that all charts over the world are available at VATSIM. I´m Vatsim member since 2004 and never put up with Longhaul-Routes . Most of the time I flew in Europe region, there are pretty all charts for the main-airports available, so that´s why i thought there must be charts for all places over the world If you need Help from myside don´t hesitate and tell me what I can do fo
  3. Anyway thanks for this INFO. Nevertheless how long will it take to get charts for CUBA. I cannot believe that VATCAR is the only site for CUBAN charts. Are there other WebPages which offer the Whole Charts for CUBA
  4. HI pilots and Controllers, In this cold time here in europe I decided to fly Caribean, CUBA, The main problem for a pilot like me is, "WHERE >CAN I FIND CHARTS FOR the CARIBEAN REGION" And pls. don´t tell me to visit VATCAR website because of this No se encuentra la página Puede que se haya quitado la página que está buscando, que haya cambiado su nombre o que no esté disponible temporalmente. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pruebe lo siguiente: Asegúrese de que la
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