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  1. Just a reminder - Friday Night Ops is in Seattle (KSEA) tonight! Weather should be rainy all day and through the night, so brush up on your IMC flying skills beforehand. Seattle will be staffed with Delivery, Ground, Tower, Departure, Approach, and Center - plus we've got additional controllers at Portland (PDX) and other nearby airports in ZSE for those who want to do some short hauls. Don't miss out, hope to see you arriving/departing the Emerald City tonight!
  2. SkyVector.com is free - but yes, it is digital unfortunately. I don't know of anything free that is tangible/paper product. Glad you like the Pacific Northwest area, hope to see you on sometime while I'm on ATC!
  3. There were two conventions: 2006 in Chicago, and 2007 in Las Vegas. Afterwards, I believe while Dennis Whitley was still running VATUSA, there were plans for a 2008 one, but they fell apart. It's a LOT of work to organize it, and if not enough people can attend there are serious financial implications for whoever did the hotel bookings. Mark Zameda and Tom Ferry, in 2006 and 2007 respectively, organized the last ones and did an outstanding job, but with all the work it requires, and the economic downturn (less disposable income), it just fell through.
  4. 38. KSVE (CA) - KRDM (OR) 39. KRDM (OR) - KMWH (WA) 40. KMWH (WA) - KSZT (ID) Very cool! For your #38-40 trips, I'll do my best to keep an eye out and if I see you online and have time, I'll be sure to give you some ATC!
  5. Hm...to expand on your thought - wouldn't it be great if we had a group of Instructors or Mentors who would teach the basics of even local (DEL thru TWR) operations, how to use VRC, and other essential basics, and then p[Mod - Happy Thoughts] them along to their requested ARTCC so they could then train them on the SOPs and specifics for their airspace? Oh wait. We had that. It worked. Unfortunately, it's now gone. VATUSA team - why don't we try bringing something like that back?
  6. Hi all, I recently got fed-up with my Creative SoundBlaster X-Fi audio card because it had terrible issues with microphone volume (too low) and after some research I learned it was just a generally second-rate sound card that notoriously had issues with microphone volume. So over the weekend I pulled it out and reactivated my onboard sound card (Realtek Audio, 7.1 Channel Support). I've got the microphone volume issue resolved now so I'm no longer quiet, but I have noticed a new issue crop up. I actually remember it also happening a few years back before I got the Creative sound card,
  7. Thanks for your great work, Tom! VATUSA will be not be the same without you!
  8. What happens when the aircraft on UNICOM collides with an aircraft still talking to ATC? Then all those virtual p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]engers go down in flames!
  9. "Chicago Center, good morning, Amtran 1043 requesting IFR clearance from Cedar Rapids to Indianapolis." AMT1043
  10. It was always a pleasure working with you, Jon! Hope to run into you sometime down in DAB!
  11. Now all you need is a phone number for the TELCON Very cool though!
  12. Actually it might have been fun to gather up some of the many experienced and talented controllers around various VATUSA ARTCCs, and temporarily allow them to visit just to work the event...similar to how it's done at the real AirVenture (Oshkosh)! See this link.
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