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  1. at the link posted above (x-plane.org) you can find many sceneries for airports all over the world. However since the new global scenery just came out some might not work correctly but I believe many developers are already updating them
  2. I believe you can... just try to put the aircraft in a folder in Aircraft and see if it appears in the menu and if you can choose it. It should work... I'll try tomorrow
  3. Try to download one of the 737 of Airbus you can find in this forum. They are very well done (used for FDR display) and might give you a better idea of X-Plane potential. I remind you that even with the demo you can fly for more than 6 minutes since after that time only the joystick stops working, but you can still use the autopilot
  4. I'm not sure XSquawkBox works on OS 9.... Try looking at XsquawkBox.net for more info or post in the forum there. Ben will surely answer soon to help you
  5. To get the world sceneries you can either buy them directly at x-plane.com or download the xpsrtm ENV files. In teh near future teh global scenery for Veraion 8 will be released, but you can use the Version 7 format ones with no problem
  6. Thanks! I'll try that one as well. The problem was the distance between waypoints that the software I use didn't understand well at first but now it works
  7. Hi! I'm trying to build a flightplan from Paris Orly to St. Marten but both route finder and the software I use take me all the way over the Atlantic and then down to the Carribean Can anyone link me to a good flight plan for this route? Or a more reliable internet tool for routes to/from the Carribean? Thanks!
  8. [Mod - Happy Thoughts]uming the aircraft you are using has the transponder you just push the numeric keypad and insert the code. If the transponder has four selectors for the squawk code numbers just p[Mod - Happy Thoughts] the mouse over them until the arrow appears and click. Some info can be found here Hope it helps!
  9. Sorry, I read SquawkBox and I thought you downloaded the one for flight simulator. Maybe the file you downloaded was corrupted or this happened after you expanded it Things that come into mind: Did you donwload and install the version for you OS? Which folder and plugin you placed in the plugin folder? You should place the folder called "XSquawkBox Resources" and the plugin "XSquawkBox_VATSIM.xpl". For me XSquawkBox works just fine and heard of this problem so far only when the file was corrupted or the version for another OS used Hope it will work!
  10. Yes, I've read it this evening I hope he will implement it soon :p
  11. There was this idea aLso for the actual version of Goodway, but not yet implemented so far. The main problem was to let the application automatically download the charts, but maybe it could work with charts already sitting in the Hard Disk. Try to write Goodway dvelopers about this request... maybe it will be implemented :p
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