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  1. I would [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ume it would have to be a separate program to create the scenario however if there was a TGT (Target Generator) within vSTARS to send to the remote program so that the only thing I would need to have open is vSTARS.
  2. I use the real world sweatbox on a daily basis at D10 and i'd like to develop a program that resembles it. It uses STARS and a Target Generator key to input the command into the program. It would need to be made so that it can be mortified for different TRACONs (runways, approaches) ect. then facility engineers can create/modify the information and then create the scenarios. in the real world its very simple to use. for example. each airport has a letter to identify it. DFW is 0, DAL is D, Addison is Z, Alliance is A. heading is H, altitude is A and speed is V. if i wanted Amer
  3. Would anyone be willing to help me develop a training program used in vSTARS for TRACON training? Jason
  4. the mouse disappears when it enters the main screen. it re-appears in the DCB and outer edges. If I load vSTARS from a fresh reboot without opening any other applications, I have no issues. I am running a brand new computer and a GTX 1080 hybrid. I have no issues in any other program or games.
  5. Having an issue where my mouse pointer disappeared when i scroll over the vstars main display but will reappear in the DCB text or com panel. any ideas? i just recently upgraded to a 1080 and all was working fine before that. i am running the latest drivers.
  6. Had a few things I was hoping you could work on to implement into a later release. I've created a list below. Many of the items requested are real world things we use at DFW and i'm sure other TRACONS on vatsim could benefit from them. Any questions please let me know. 1. Yellow Scratchpad Text : This is used to differentiate RNAV vs Conventional departures and arrivals. Someone who is RNAV capable will show normal color scratchpad text. An aircraft who is NON-RNAV such as /A or /U would show yellow scratchpad text. 2. VFR Aircraft squawk : An aircraft flying VFR and on a 1200 code
  7. I work in the RW D10 tracon and can ask some of the FE there.
  8. Would it be possible to auto-tag aircraft based on the information in the scratchpad? For instance, aircraft departing DFW with an east gate scratchpad of "THO" for THORR would auto-tag to the east departure even if it departed off the west runway. I'm no programmer and not sure what it would require but I'm [Mod - Happy Thoughts]uming would need to be based on what position is open and each position would have its own auto track fixes.
  9. How is not being able to quicklook not a bug? He was using vstars as well and was tracon as well. How is interfacility defended in vstars? Tracon only or tracon/local? At KC we use KC_APP for approach but the tower uses MCI_TWR. Is the prefix a problem?
  10. A few bugs I have noticed in the new beta version. 1. Quick look - I am not able to quick look a position. I know its done by the position ID but would it be possible to make the QL function capable of only using the Position syllable as in real world? Also, with the QL function, you can add + to make the symbol white, for instance, A+ (ENTER) that quick looks and makes the targets white for the approach position. 2. SCRATCHPAD. The scratchpad is not visible to other controllers. When using the Multi Y (message) it does not appear on other controllers scope. this is a problem not o
  11. If you are an instructor and have experience in EruoScope, I am seeking your [Mod - Happy Thoughts]istance. If you could please contact me at [email protected] I would appreciate it. I am needing some [Mod - Happy Thoughts]istance creating and running a scenario using EuroScope. Thanks.
  12. Great. I will sit back and hope for the best. You are doing great work and if there is anything I can do to help let me know.
  13. Well who do we need to talk to about this or ask for approval? Would there be a way for you to add a FE function to allow 2-3 sec updates if this was approved?
  14. I haven't seen a post about this but if so, please re-direct me. I work in the real world D10 Tracon and our STARS has the Fusion system which is a computer "brain" simulator which takes the target and depicts where it will be in the future which results in a 1 second update rather than the 6 second update. I was curious if there was any way to implement this into the new update. I do believe this fusion is only available at some TRACONs and could be an option in the Facility Engineers options to turn on this feature. Obviously you would not be able to simulate the real Fusion system
  15. is there any plans to implement a D-Side to vERAM? I know it would be almost impossible to code everything that it does but for editing flight plans, tracking, turning on/off MOA's, RA, and other things could be useful.
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