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  1. I did Ross. Ill unselect it and have a go with that.
  2. Hi Ross. Im getting CTDS when I get a contact me message. I hear the contact me message sound, then the sim locks up and CTDS. Some help would be amazing, thanks.
  3. Morning. You're right I accidentally clicked the show sim messages off. What a plonker!! Issue fixed topic can be closed. Thanks Dan
  4. Hi Ross Sorry if this has been covered. I'm using p3d v4 but I'm not getting uniform Messages coming up on the sim. I can hear the sound but it's not showing up on the sim. Cheers
  5. What do you mean by "not working" here? The models will show up in P3D v4, however you run into all sorts of problems, black textures, missing items, invisible airplanes, etc. Whatever LM did in V4 broke the native FS9 models, which is understandable since they're almost 15 years old. Native FSX models are working fine for now. Still have more testing to do. I can confirm that FAIB 737s / Airbuses / and 747 are working correctly. The AIA FSX native models are working correctly as well, albeit with the issues they describe in their readme. (lightmaps slightly off, no turning eng
  6. Ross sorry to be a pain again, which is the "contact me on freq 123.45" wav file ie the equivalent of "seatbelt.wav" in SB4 thats the only one I want to change. thanks again
  7. Hi there. Maybe a silly question but I'd like to replace the default "Bing bong" can you contact me on freq 123.00 to a different sound Can someone advise how to do it. Thanks
  8. having the age old issue with wilco a319 and a320, the speedbrakes dont slow the a/c down. I heard on the grapevine that some did a patch or recommended chaging a setting in the cfg or air file ? anyone got any ideas, im sick of lowing the gear at 8000 to get rid of speed...
  9. I would recommend FSX booster... its 9 euros and you can get it from simmarket.. im not that techy but it has done wonders for my fsx as I believe it sorts out memory leaks and shuts down un-needed processes.. I couldnt recommend it enough and for 9 euros.. its a steal
  10. sounds like this is a common issue... [Remainder deleted. Please dont circomevent the profanity filters. NB 870575]
  11. Evening Chaps. If anyone fancies some long haul to end the easter hoildays, and a trip to visit Mickey in Disney... DATE:MONDAY 12 APR ETD:0925Z - 1025 LOCAL FLIGHT: VIR75 "VIRGIN ATLANTIC 75) FROM:EGCC TO:KMCO ROUTE:N0480F320 WAL L10 PENIL UL70 BAGSO DCT RESNO/M085F360 NATC SCROD/M085F360 NATC VALIE/N0500F360 N242B TAFFY DCT EMJAY/N0490F380 J174 ORF J121 CHS J79 OMN CWRLD2 EGCC WAL1R WAL L10 PENIL UL70 BAGSO..RESNO..5620N..5730N..5740N..5650N..SCROD VALIE N242B TAFFY EMJAY J174 ORF J121 CHS J79 OMN CWRLD2 KMCO A/C TYPE: PMDG 744 PAX FI
  12. save you money... and wait... if you have fsx, id hold out to see how the aerosoft pans out...
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