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  1. I hate to dig up an old post (found it on Google), but was anyone ever successful in getting a working merge?
  2. This is why I refuse to move up from the Tower position. This place has turned into more of a place of politics then enjoyment. Nicholas, this is the way It has been done since I started controlling on VATSIM. That was around three years ago, and I don't personally see a problem with it, and apparently not many other people do either, as I have not seen a forum complaint on the subject before, although most people may have just sent a email to their respectable "Boss".
  3. Congratulations Chris! Welcome back to your old office!
  4. You spelled Friday wrong, and I'm sure the organizer of the event will/has made a thread, no need to duplicate.
  5. Can someone give the accurate amount of hours it takes to re-certify? It sounds like to me a couple of people are P/Oed about having to train again after being certified for years (Their pride is hurt) that they are fussing in the main VATUSA Forum instead of respecting the leadership's decision or using email.
  6. What's this have to do with VATSIM or VATUSA? This is a promotion for a product that has nothing to do with this forum. I'd advise posting this in a 3rd party forum in the future.
  7. Congratulations! PS, Someone may want to fix VATUSA's News post on their homepage
  8. From my Local ARTCC, Ive heard starting December FNO will be coming back to weekly, but I also heard that VA's might be running it. I guess we will find out soon enough .
  9. Well, I know alot of people in VATUSA Positions in VATUSA and ARTCC's, And from their viewpoints and viewpoints of my own, It wouldnt really help. To get the traffic required and ATC, Not including those who recive the amount of traffic already (LAX for ATC/Traffic, JFK gets traffic) it would require a significant amount of advertizing, which would be almost impossible, unless alot of pilots formed a so called "Pilot Union" to help and do these events, sort of overrule VATUSA and just set up our own event, which I admit, as I type this, Im rather interested. I do agree with you about the helpi
  10. This is just personal opinion, or are there some facts to back this up? Not a problem. http://forums.vatsim.net/viewtopic.php?t=22621 Also there was a very interesting post from American Virtual Airlines where the former event director (founder of FNO when it started off at AvA, Then was renamed and moved to VATUSA, Where he became the event director) Pretty much called this new event a very bad idea. This may also have something to do with the rather considerable amount of decline in controlling in VATUSA Ive noticed. Its such a same to of gotten rid of such a new event,
  11. I have to partly agree, and partly disagree. If a poll were taken, The majority of the pilots would most likley vote for the old FNO. And since it looks as the event dircetor who made all these changes are MIA or gone (Someone please correct me if this issue has been updated) I think it should go back to the way it was. How was the traffic turnout for Friday Night by the way? I never went and looked.
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